Christmas Displays in Quartzsite, Arizona

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Other than our immediate neighbor and his solar powered, and fully programmable display of lights, this place is dark. Normally I like quiet and dark, but even I have limits. His lights have been a real Godsend, as it has been a turbulent December and the brain left in total silence and total dark can be very dangerous. Since none of us are Twitter fanatics we have been in no danger of rivaling the interesting dribble of our president in the wee hours, but I have a tendency to come up with new, innovative, and expensive ideas. The neighbor’s lights would keep my brain busy the odd patterns gave it something to chew on. That is wonderful, the RV remained mostly intact this month. The solar lights batteries would run down putting all the bushes to sleep around 4 a.m. Sundown to 4 a.m. on sun alone is impressive. Though his lights were nice we wanted to see what other people were doing in the wash for Christmas.  Here is a video of our quest for lights:

If you’re wondering about Quartzsite and you are wondering where the Christmas action is you better view our video. We get you into the action. Things don’t change much around here, except maybe a business fails here and there and its demise goes unnoticed, by everyone, including the owner. Several of the local residents are working hard to get rid of all the snowbirds. At least we know who wants Quartzsite to roll up the sidewalks once and for all. Quartzsite is set in a delicate balance, its main industry is travelers. With Highway 95 and I-10  meeting here there are more truck stops and gas stations per mile than anywhere we have been. Get rid of the Snowbirds and the five stores are done for, the restaurants, laundry mats, and gas stations will turn to shells like most of the dead businesses already here. In five years, trucks will be largely electric and autonomous, who will be left to support the truckstops and filling stations? Christmas 2022 could be a stark year for the city we RV’rs affectionately call the “Q”. Local and RV’rs alike need to work together to keep Quartzsite on the map. I hate the traffic and the inconsiderate out of towners as much as you do.  Let’s make Quartzsite a better place, see if a little cheer, innovation and decorating for Christmas do just that!


Whatever year it is, whoever you are, when you see this Blog, know your mission should you choose to accept it, is to reach out with a helping hand, put on a broad smile and say “Merry Christmas!” Willingness and smiles are free!

John Schroeder of 6770 Olinger is working hard to keep Christmas alive. – Go help him if you can.


Good evening and Good Night…


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