Crystal Hill – Quartzsite, Arizona

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Business was slow this day of January in 2018, so we took a Saturday afternoon trip to Crystal Hill. We had to go south on hwy 95 about 10 miles from our starting point (The La Posa South BLM lot.) The road up to the mountain is a left turn off the highway, you really have to watch for the little brown sign pointing the way or you will miss your turn. The road immediately turns to coarse gravel. The road then turns to rocks many of which we had to dodge, as they were large enough to gut out the underside of our 2010 CRV. This road is best for high clearance 4-wheel drives or a razor. It can, however, be done in cars like the CRV as we have pointed out. The road was an eventful six miles that we had to repeat in order to leave.

Map of Kofa Refuge

Sarah and Athena read the map, rules, and other propaganda.


No Digging

No digging or using tool. So much for our mining operation we had planned. The trail got steep starting at the base. ADA forgot to require an escalator here. So Athena and Sarah will be your guides from here on. Remember collect only 10 rocks per person and no more than 10 pounds.


Rock mountain AKA Crystal Hill

Athena and Sarah begin their ascent to the top.


Red Cactus

Cool red cactus greets them on the way.


View of dry river from Crystal Hill

Dry wash. Never camp in them rains fall from afar, then this turns into a raging river. You will never get to tell your camping stories if that happens. Also note, fishing here is no good either.


Looking east off Crystal hill reveals mountains

It’s fall and the flowers are dormant.


Tons Green Rock

Wow that is green, I think it is a mountain of copper, another person told me he thought it could be jade. Whatever it is, it’s green.

Rock that resembles soap

Found this rock, reminds me of soap made from elk fat and lye. It’s too hard to be soap, but it has waxy texture.



web of life or death

Here if the web of life and death in the desert, and the display of it’s winners and losers.


Just lots of quartz the size of marbles

They found a cash of crystals, but they’re just little bits of quartz just like our RV is parked on. No need to take any rocks, I wonder if the quartz under the RV is from here? Does this hill solely supply quartzsite with quartz? One thing for sure, Quartzsite came by it’s name honestly.


Have a good evening and a good night….

Chapter of the day:

Genesis 35 – Jacob becomes Israel again

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