2018 Sportsman and RV Show – Quartzsite, Arizona

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Quartzsite Sportsman and RV show 2018 drew a crowd. These white dots seen all the way in the distance are just a few of the RV’s full of people who came to see the show. We hear there were 80,000 people dry camping in the dessert this year. They expected 1.2 Million people to pass through this year. There were a lot, but I would guess it to be about 250,000 people including the vendors.



At the entrance of La Posa BLM south on the day before the show we see this sign. I had no idea the government was caught up in its underwear again. I am not sure I even knew it was Friday, Athena is the only one that worries about dates, times, and society. The sign says no closings during the government shutdown and no rangers. Sounds like we will have a free for all in the BLM area. Can everyone be nice?


We leave and we come back to this sign, which tells us no one is cleaning up after us during the government shutdown. OK, we can buy water and pay to dump our tanks in town, and the landfill is city or county and it’s free to use. No problem.


Closed Sign

A while after the shutdown we come back to our BLM area and see a very dominate closed sign. It seems rather serious, but the government shutdown is over or just on recess, so what gives.


I feel sorry for the vendors at the Sportsman and RV show this year. We left before it was over so Athena could work for IBM in Phoenix for a while. No idea how the show numbers tallied.

RV's full of people wanting to see the show

All the white dots represent some of the people who came for the show. I think people come to hang out with friends and feel like they are living off the land rather than the show.


Come in the afternoon the crowds are less

After the crowds cleared, it was our turn to see the show.


People lined up for funnel cakes

People line up for funnel cakes. No idea what they are, but they seem to sell better than turkey legs.



entering the big tent 2000 vendors poppy cock


2000 people all in my way

Lots of people in my way. Could not see much, but it looked like tire pressure monitoring, camp hosting, health gadgets, and camp hosting activities.


100's of dogs in here, hard to not accidentally run them over

If you are unsteady on your feet I recommend a scooter, The floor has divots all over the place, and is unlevel. No need to gain attention by tripping, you will wipe out 30 people and their dog. Also be careful of the dogs most are nice, but they take up a of of space stepping on them is easy, and they don’t understand. The breed in this picture always seem to be extra sweet dogs.


100's of fifth wheels to see

Athena and Sarah toured a lot of fifth wheels. We like the Grand Design solitude with the raised living room. Not great for families, but very comfortable.


Turkey leggs

This guy makes the best Turkey legs, I would have got one, but they did not have vegetarian food.


Empty the loo

During the show the line of RV’s needing the toilet is long. We are looking at the center of the line. It seems to go forever in each direction. Seems to reason 40,000 RV’s packed into 11,000 acres and only one dump station that can empty 2 rigs at a time. Average dump time is 10 Minutes for every two. Advice, hold it until about a week after the show is over.


Have a good evening and a good night…

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