February 2018 – What a Ride

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We have had quite a month. intel created a problem in their CPU called the SPECTRE vulnerability. The CPU does a slight of the hand moving data in and out of its cache allowing it process things that come in on a priority basis. Can perform a task in partially, move it aside when a higher priority task rolls in and work on the new task, then bring up the other task, This gives the CPU a 30% improvement in speed. It was discovered however that motivated individuals can capture the data while it is in the hold state. On individual PC’s this poses little security risk. On servers in the cloud, the motivated people can actually gain access to this space. The cloud space vendors such as Microsoft, Amazon Rack space, and others have more to be worried about. In the cloud, one server will be running lots virtual machines which are essentially software-based servers. There will be many of these servers running on top of one physical server sharing the same CPU’s. If this space is seized by some individual for fun and for profit, this individual could take over any of the virtual servers, and possibly even the root server.  No one in a shared environment is safe unless this fault.

Microsoft took a preemptive strike at the problem, as Intel had no fix at the time. Microsoft created a windows update to cause the Windows operating system to bypass the cache and pushed the fix to the world. This fix went out unannounced. Athena suddenly became very busy, people from every company she works with lost the hard drive on at least one computer, some several computers. We lost the hard drive on Sarah’s computer and Athena’s computer. My machine has an AMD processor and was spared. We saw the fix was corrupting the bios on the hard drives. Some of her clients bought replacement PC’s then called to have them set up by Athena. Thankfully, Microsoft pulled the update. The computer economy was single-handedly boosted by Microsoft for a few weeks.

Sarah got a new hard drive. It took $50 for a terabyte drive. She got it right away, began the swap.

It is no wonder this kid was accepted into Oregon Institute of Technology starting fall 2018. We are so excited for her. She is now putting Windows back on the laptop using a USB key. Next, she will get the data from the mostly dead hard drive using a special SATA cable and my pc.

Could not get Ubuntu on pi to talk to the solar charge controllers using Modbus and RS485. No matter how many times, I changed the parameters and recompiled the drivers the ports would just give an “FM not ready state” So I wrote the program on my windows machine. Spent 6 weeks with the PI, and after just two days programming on Windows, it works. The PI is now an awesome weather database system. I will try the Modbus project again. I want it on the pi for size and current draw.

I got in to see the neurologist last week. She said that I most likely have a Primary Lateral Sclerosis and Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia, a combination of disorders that is rare as snow here in Quartzsite. We also understand why I often go over backward while looking up hard. Apparently, the channel my nerves run through in my neck is a bit narrow and causes some issues at full tilt. She said that with such rare findings, there is possibly a genetic sequence to look at in the future. So far we have not found genetics lab with the time to do the testing. Having this kind of luck, it is no wonder I do well in the casinos. I really should be trying my hand at the lottery. Maybe, I’ll catch that rare ticket.

Athena got a full scholarship to the “Google School of Technology” She is now taking classes on Linux and Google related stuff. She is going to be incredibly busy with being Mom, Wife, Business Owner, and student. She is Beautiful, Smart and hardworking. My luck outdoes me, I got her, and she is one in a billion

One of Athena’s companies she garners new clients from announced they would no longer do business with her without a picture. Sarah is a great photographer and my wife is so photogenic on and off camera.

Holly is having mama time with Sophia

Athena is having mama time with Holly.


Sophia is just having a good time


Lake Pleasent 

I found a strange rock!

The house rubbers have deteriorated and it needs new rubbers. Athena and I installed a wipe seal on one of the four slides. Took her about 14 hours. I never heard her swear once, so I took care of that part of the project.

Campfire time!


Have a good evening and a good night… Be Cool, Calm, and above reproach like the man in the story below:

Genesis 39 – You Don’t Know What Kind of Luck Your Having While You’re Having It




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