Quiet in Quartzsite, Arizona 2018

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Since we can’t afford a Jeep Wrangler, the CRV will have to do for seeing the sites in Quartzsite


BLM road to an abandoned mine and a place we can overlook the BLM areas.



The minors shack has seen better days. I wonder if I can get that barrel it is blue and white, I can dump sewage and get water in the same barrel. That mean only half the trips to the dump and water holes.



We found a vent, there is a mine directly under our car. Hope it is stable.


Fallen mine

Yup it’s a mine and it caved in at this location. I am thinking the ground is not stable.



Something we rarely see in the winter. Rain!


Double Rainbow on my house, no gold?

The rainbow ends in our RV, Where is the pot of gold?


Rainbows lake

The rain made a lake, this was only about a 10th of an inch of rain.


Shine a light on the rock looks like lava

We found a rock and it glows if the phone light is pointed at it.


Sunset in Glendale Sunset, Storm, Moon

Some sunsets after the storm


Blue feathers on road runner

In preparing the rv for our departure this guy dropped in to say goodbye and of course ask for hamburger. I gave him carrots, and he was most offended.


Good Evening and good night…

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