To Solar or not to Solar That is the Question

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When we bought our first RV, we expected to travel to places where we would be part of natures scenery. Hoping to camp in solitude, hearing nothing but the birds chirping and surrounded by wildlife. We must have read the wrong brochure. After one night in our RV, we were dealing with dead batteries, empty tanks, and shrill alarms.

We found our selves dependent on RV parks. Though the Oregon State Parks are nice, we wanted to travel and we wanted to be getting away from the Power cord tether, but this only happened on nightly stopovers in rest areas. As we traveled back and forth around the country, Thousand Trails became our home. We love Thousand Trails, and are grateful for our membership, but we were too dependent on our power cord entitlements to truly be free. One day, a technology we had been following came down far enough in price to where even we could pay for it.


We did the work our self, made all our brackets, tilting systems, and supplied the elbow grease. The system was up and running for less than $800 supplying 460 watts electricity. It will not run our special pans, coffee pots, heater, or air conditioning. Living under those restrictions under clear skies we can go days without any additional power. We do have to do a full charge on the batteries once every five days according to Trojan Battery Co. We still have the generator for heat, air, or using the microwave. The generator is used about an hour a day when the weather is cold, as we like to be warm. If you’re interested in Solar, follow this link over to Rolling shoe box for a painfully detailed walkthrough of solar technology and how we did our install. More…

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