Las Vegas Last Days 2018

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It’s been an entertaining few weeks here in Las Vegas Thousand Trails. We have spent most of our time in the RV. Most of our outings amounted to quick walks around the rv park to get some air, and a few trips to the grocery store. The park is nice in that the staff worked hard to make sure no one killed one another and that all the needs were met. We were spoiled with 30 amp power, water, and sewer. That combination of resources is rare in our world. Strangely internet was a problem, AT&T broadband was almost non-existent inside the borders of the park, Verizon was very good, but seemed to triple count our data usage, so we could not afford to use it; except in an emergency. We had to purchase the park internet from Encore (Thousand Trails parent company). We tested their super fast 50Mbps connection for 24 hours, the best we saw was 10Mbps and it was down more often than up. We tested the 10Mbps internet package, we got 12 once, but averaged about 3Mbps, which was generally fine.That connection was flakey too. Our testing proved they are using Centurylink for their carrier, which explains the park’s inconsistent service.  Athena had to work a record number of hours online over the three weeks we were here. It was my job to monitor the internet devices and try to keep her on the one that was running the best at the moment. I about got fired a few times.

We did make it to the strip a couple of times to see the free shows as noted in previous blogs. This blog documents our Last Days in Las Vegas. To those who like to smoke Marijuana, don’t do it in public. A few days ago we were down on the strip and there were about 200 volunteer police and 30 police on the strip, cuffing people right and left for smoking pot in public. It’s actually illegal. A drug offense can ruin your career, eligibility for financial aid in college, and even your ability to rent a home. I can’t stand smoking. My daughter is allergic to the smoke, and I don’t like the odor of skunk weed. So public smoking of these noxious weeds should be illegal in order to keep the status quo. Ruining a person’s life for this crime is extreme, they should be allowed to ruin their lives themselves.

We caught some the highlights of the Vegas Strip, along with some of the better parts of the Las Vegas area in the following video:

In our observation of the hotel canino’s, the slot machine is a dying era. We went down on a busy weekend night. We found the casino floors virtually empty in the slots. The gaming tables with real cards and real dealers were packed, yet we see on billboards that the card games are going to be made electronic but the dealers will be human. People who go to vegas, don’t want electronic slots that don’t use change, and automated card games, they can get that at any native American casino in the country. Why come here? We learned the manned, not automated gaming does the best, we saw the bars hopping, the live shows packed, and the average person down there under 40. They are now charging for parking at most casinos, the waitresses are no longer supplying free beverages to the people at the slots, and the shows on the street are fading. The sirens exhibit at Treasure Island is gone, the fire boat exhibit at New York New York is gone, and others are showing their neglect in maintenance. Is this Las Vegas Last Days? I believe a corner is being turned, and it will be interesting to see how the city changes. The gambling industry has to be remade before it finally fades into the landscape, and few will admit to missing it.

Las vegas saw 47,000 new people move in last year. The second fastest growing city in the United States, next to Phoenix, Arizona. Technology companies are flooding in from California. There is no income tax in Las Vegas, sales tax is on par with the rest of the country, Gas has less tax, roads are good, tons of venues to wine and dine clients, and land is cheap. There is one major downside, Las Vegas and Phoenix are in the desert. There is little natural water resource here, this land has not supported mankind in any recent history that I am aware of. Without importing water from the gulf of Mexico via desalination, and nuclear power I have no idea how they will support this influx of humanity and industry. I probably will not live long enough to see how all this turns out, if you do, let me know what happens.


Have a good evening and a good night…

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