Las Vegas – Sweet Dreams are Made of These

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We are not from the area, but came to get some M&M’s. We were beamed to in to a rather large and well lit city. That’s no exaggeration, nearly everyone we saw this evening was well lit. Thankfully the transporter was working well and all our body parts are in their right places.
Sam's Town
Hmm, Sam’s Town. A town within a City. What a Country!
The town has a parking lot
Sam's Town Parks
The town has a park, with bars, restaurants, and streams.
Nice waterfall no way to climb the cliffs, there is a fence.
Sam's Town Park Blocks
Sam’s Town Park blocks. I get this feeling I have been here before in the distant past some place else.

Climate controlled town
Sam hates the heat, and hates the cold, so he built this city indoors.
No M&M's
No M&M’s living is Sam’s town so now we try Bass Pro Outdoor world at The Silverton.
Living Bass
We found living fish

I found Wifi, she is staring a giant tub of water with fish in it.
Turtles, under the warming light. They spoil after 10 minutes and can’t be served. So they probably sell them to little people for a few bucks to take home as pets.
360 degree aquarium
360 degree aquarium in the Silverton Casino. If you come before 8pm, you might encounter a mermaid. If you come lit a mermaid might show up anytime.
A big smiling fish. I think his name is Ray?
No signs for the elevator, took us two hours to get down there.

No sweet stuff in the Silverton! So we Pop up in downtown New York! Sure glad to be out of the tunnel, it’s hot and steamy down there.
down town
The downtown here is nice.

Excalibur facade
We walked up a long steep hall to see what the Excalibur has.
Grandma's house
Grandma lives in the mote
The Excalibur has food. The smell comes from the DQ down there. Since I have wheels getting down there seemed like to much work.
The tropicana is stuck in the 50’s.
MGM is huge, lost in here trying to find a street level exit to Las Vegas Blvd. Could not get up stairs. Found a back stage door, and used it.
Alley MGM
Ended up in an alley. At least it’s quiet here.
Found something we thought we recognized. Turns out, it’s not the Seattle space needle. Too bad, we like the rotating restruant. This is called the Stratosphere where if you go to the top, they just take your wallet, tie you up, and throw you off.

This Mcdonald’s is diversified! In China it’s stir fry, in Vegas you get Tequila and Big Mac. Smart!
M&M world! We have arrived!

We sneak back to New York and divide the booty
Our mission has been accomplished and the Transporter shows up to take us home.


crystal sheep
The transporter has been acting up again. It has turned these sheep into crystal. Looks like the maintenance guy must have found the sheep thinking they were art and hung them up. He might as well, they’re not much good for food or wool any more.


It’s is our turn to get on the transporter to go home. As buggy as it is though, one never knows where we will turn up and it what condition. Modern transportation these days, so efficient, so unreliable.



Las Vegas is getting a little weird,  You have to pay to park at most casinos, they are not keeping up the free attractions like they were, The slot machines at all the locations we visited were pretty much devoid of humans feeding them. The only business that seemed brisk were the live shows, and the liquor establishments. Lastly, the police department is probably the busiest business in the area. Sirens and helicopters seem to be the norm. Surprisingly there were no sad memorials up for the shooting victims by the Mandalay which made the strip more tolerable than we expected. The media however is still buzzing around that.

Las Vegas has a Biblical sister city – Revelation 17:5  The work to be done in this city is great.

We have never seen so many homeless and desperate individuals as there are here. I backed out of the elevator, hooked a right nearly ran over a guy sleeping on the floor in the MGM.  I wish I had a the fortune of Trump, I have a plan that would reduce this population by 90%. Does anyone want to take me up on it? Start a GoFundMe? These people need a lot of attention, food, government documentation, and direction before they will be ready to receive cash. Remember  these people in your prayers tonight and if you have the means; help in a material way. No one is immune to their fate, treat them the way you would want to be treated. Jesus did…


Have a Good Evening and a Good Night… – Las Vegas has a Biblical sister city – Revelation 17:5  The work to be done in this city is great.

Genesis 42 – Revenge is Sweet

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