Last Days in the Southwest with Sophia

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Athena gets good contract Work

Athena had to run to Phoenix and Back for a job for three days. Feb 28, March 1st, and March 2nd. We saw a mirage caused by an inversion layer that gives the hills the appearance of having table tops.

Go to the Beach

We did not get to see Holly, Sophia, and John on these trips to work, everyone was too tired. So we owed Sarah a trip to see Molly, and the beach since she passed all the exams and got admitted to the college of her choice. This video shows that Athena and I honor our word. It can be kind of fun if one promises the right rewards.

We stayed at The Inn by the Sea. It is about a mile walk really. We got the cheapest room on the 1st floor. If you looked the right way off the deck, you could see the ocean. The place was no “Motel 6 though” The bed was barely entry level, the sheets were perforated from age, and there was a comforter about to Mils thick. we were happy the heater worked. The hotel was $92 a night with tax, so it was still a good value for that area.


Diane’s Mom made this sewed this cool picture


March 7th We see Sophia!

Mis Sophia
The stars line up, we get to see Holly, John, Deb, Eric, and the bell of the ball — Miss Sophia








































































Sophia has supper

Sophia has supper

Grandma and Sophia play trucks
Sophia surveys the battlefield while contemplating the taste of her various toys


Sadly we say good bye
We leave our Arizona Family behind. We have places to be, promises to keep, and they’re all north of here.
Solar chargers
Prepping to leave Arizona, the solar system needs to be updated. The inverter on the load side sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Darin rips the inverter apart. Replaces the fan with a silent 40mm model. Wires all the computers, phones, and modems into the load circuit on the solar controller. The house now has a built-in battery backup that does not rely on the RV’s transfer switch. Power outages in our mobile data center should be a non-event.















Day One headed North: We stop at Davis County Park – Laughlin, Nevada We stop in Davis Camp County Park near Laughlin on our way to Vegas from Quartzsite. 250 miles of two lane highway is more than I have stamina for in a day. So when we arrived here I was ready to call it a day. At $25.50 a night with no RV hookups, it is about double what we can afford.







Don’t pull on the palm leaves they will cut you. Don’t believe me, ask Athena

Davis Camp County park does have all you can eat Coney, and it is fresh!






















































Have a good Evening and a Good Night…

Genesis 40 – Joseph Forgotten

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