Laughlin, Nevada

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March 8th, 2018 we departed The La Posa LTVA where we have been Boondocking, or Dry camping, since Mid October 2017. Previous blogs cover the how, and the why. We are now headed for the Western Oregon coast. With a few scheduled ports of call along the way.  The first is Davis Dam County Park, Bullhead City Arizona. Where the hookups for the RV are non-existent, but things are much greener. This park sits on the Colorado River, and by a bridge that crosses into Laughlin, Nevada where the border casinos are.

Felony sign
Davis Park Arera 26. We are not sure what they are hiding here, but the signs tempt one to find out.
RV's along river
Looking down at Colorado just after Davis Dam. We are parked a bit more north where there is more shade.
Good lot of water
Colorado has a great head of water. Hope Lake mead has been able to capture some.
This park has indian petroglyphs
Indian Petroglyphs Davis Dam County Park, pretty neat!
who cares
Still no interpretation
My scooter hated me taking the trail. It bucked me off, then flipped over backwards on me. Good thing it is light! The bumps must be a little to much for it.
Seagull on the Colorado
Unknown birds
Birds of unknown species. No one we asked seems to know. I think they are being created by the government in area 26!
Bird Bath
Colorado river makes a wonderful bird bath
river walk
Head to Laughlin riverwalk. Our first encounter with Marijuana since we made our way back west. People smoking skunk weed at both ends of the walk way. I am all for personal freedom, but ready to ban smoking outside of the indoor confines of the smokers home. If your going to get me stoned, can we at least smoke something that smells better than a skunk? Maybe try vaping?

For rent
For Rent! That’s a little too close to the river for a long term building project. Maybe they know that, and that’s why the property is only for rent.
River Cruise
River cruises Laughlin, people seem to like it.
Water Taxi
Water Taxi BullHead City to Laughlin. The way they drive, you have to have a sense of adventure to take this taxi. The signs said it was free though.
Bottle on rail
Is this bottle that the unknown possessor gently positioned here on the rail Art or litter? For us, perhaps found art to be meticulous photographed. To others it may be a hiddiouse eye sore. Most of us just wish the deliver had not granted us this fine gift of glass and stinky liquid. I appreciate the gift as much as I appreciate the mice my cat brings to me.
Colorado Belle Moat. Now where do we throw the drunks? We can’t fit their butts in the butt cans distributed all around here. Those in charge need to rethink their order?
Koi in the Colorado Belle moat. I see the problem, there is no room left in the mote for the drunks. Hmm, there has got to be an equitable solution here.
Ship that's a building
We have hit the end of the line. This is it, the long awaited picture of the backside of the Colorado Belle. Pretty cool for a land lubber’s hotel casino.

Casino slots
What’s a strip of Casino’s without slots?
This casino is as lit as it’s patrons.
Bullhead city
Bullhead city seen from Laughlin at night.
Odd blob
Odd sighting on 95, no cars, just a large white object. 95 is four lanes, but camping in one of them is prohibited by law I am sure.
Snarled in Traffic by Boulder City
Snarled in Traffic by Boulder City.
RV Fire Boulder City, Nevada
RV Fire Boulder City Nevada. I don’t know what the primary defect in Class “A” diesel pushers is that causes them to burn. Is it inner dually tire failure? Engine overheat? Wiring? If you tour the RV salvage lots you will see the majority end their lives in this manner. If you look at the windshields of the ones hit head on, you will see of ten the front seats exit the rigs through that route. The NTSA needs to regulate the RV industry the way they do cars! Athena and I will not trade our RV, or quit RV’ing because of this. We will however opt for a towable next time we move to a new RV.
RV totaled
Sadly this person’s RV is toast! Many readers might say, “big diesel pusher like that”, he can afford it. Most of the time, people buy these RV’s as a place to live out their retirement years to hedge against inflation. Then they practically live on air from there forward. Insurance only covers a portion of their investment, much like a policy on your car. For those that pray. Pray for these peoples health, finances and living situation. We were stuck a couple hours on the highway. They went through hell today.

Highway is open again.
Spaghetti bowl
Nuts, the spaghetti bowl is being imploded. Now the freeway has gone from noodle to mush!
Rain in Vegas
It’s raining, we don’t see much of that
Water falls in Vegas
Water falls in Vegas spontaneously emerge with the slightest rain fall
We arrive Thousand Trails Las Vegas. We like Thousand Trails. We hedged our retirement bet. We put several thousand dollars into buying a membership to their park system. This park is the most crowded we have been in. The value here, is the park is on our path going north south, and east and west. Since we stay out of the cities most of the time Vegas is a good shopping stop as well.

Athena Relaxes
Athena is taking a well deserved break after she and the park manager repeatedly backed me into our site. They both had the audacity to make me keep trying until I got it right. Their patience was greatly appreciated. They did a great job at stopping me from hitting all our neighbors.



Have a good evening and a good night….

Genesis 41 – From Prisoner to Vice President

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