Coming to Oregon 2018

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Well Arizona is heading into the wet and hot season. We say goodbye to Sophia and family. Time to go crash Steve’s families spring break, then head to Sacramento to work with some of Athena’s people, and Klamath Falls to see Sarah’s new school. Then to Salem to see Randy, Dad, Athena’s Mom, Sister, and some friends. Sophia will miss us for sure.

German RV
We arrive in Moab and find a cool German RV, tour thing in Moab. Looks like something Hornke’ would like if the Auction business gets old.


Waiting for Steve
Waiting for Steve! We found a spot where we could see the highway. Thought we could get some pictures of Steve Arriving in Moab, but we were too early and we got bored.


Delicate Arch from the view point. The hiking trail had no parking left so this is the view of the arch from an alternate location. Just looks like a strange shaped pile of sand stone to me. Strange what people will  circumnavigate the globe to see.


Colorado River
Dead Horse State Park, viewpoint, I was hoping we could do batwing jumps from here just like they do in New Zealand. We can only look and dream here.


Tour Dead Horse with Steve and family. It was sure nice to see them. We kept being in opposite places this trip. I was grateful for the time when we could work things out. Maybe I would have seen them a bit more if we showered a bit more often. Boondocking does set some interesting patterns in place. Hopefully if we agree to shower more often, he will invite us to crash more of his spring breaks in the future.

Stay warm at the fire with Steve’s family. Mindie cooked steak for us. While we were there, we got a call that Paul was in the Hospital in Boise. We changed our plans and diverted away from Sacramento and Klamath Falls, and filed a flight plan from Moab to Boise.When we got to Boise, we found Paul in serious condition. Two years ago, Paul was robbed by some men in the train terminal in Los Angeles. They shoved him, he tumbled down the stairs and they left him for dead. Paul found he still had his ID and rail ticket and caught his train. He never really felt great after that. Then this winter Paul fell and was airlifted from Baker City to Boise. The Dr.’s found old blood in the cavity between his brain and skull. His body was attacking it like it would a virus which was causing swelling and pressure on his brain. Looks like Paul will not return home, he will be in assisted living now. If you are ever robbed, tell the police, and see a Dr. before you are carried to a Dr. Brain injuries are nothing to mess with. As usual I ask everyone to pray for Paul, he is in his early 90’s he has been a real inspiration to me since I was very young, and he has been an inspiration to many others as well. Paul is not famous, but he is pillar of love and respect in every community to which he belongs.



Seaside Beach
We landed in Seaside, Oregon with Marnie. We went to the Seaside Beach off Broadway. It was cold. Great seeing Marnie though, and Sarah is very happy to be back on the sand by the sea. Since the RV is not sealed, the 9 inches of rain we got on arrival was not welcome. The power inverted melted a wire trying to power the dehumidifier and heaters, so we were out of power for a couple of days while we searched for the problem in the electrical system. Now I know how the RV is wired from Pedestal to plug. RV don’t belong in the cold nor do they belong in the wet. If money was no object, I would have a condo in Sedona, Arizona and one in Depot bay Oregon. SInce I am of the class that finds money to be an object, we will keep nursing the RV along.


Astoria Column
Astoria Column – Losers charge $5.00 a car to visit now. You pay extra for the plane.


Seaside is Green in April, so green, you can feel every pollen particle in your lungs, and the mold taking hold in your toes. Our first week here, I logged 9.1 inches of rain. Even my brain has become mushy.



Genesis 44 – Joseph takes another swing at bat

Read Genesis from the beginning

Good Evening and Good Night …

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