The Meaning of Easter

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Easter is a special day to many cultural groups from pagans to Christians. We are going to talk about the meaning of Easter from a Christian perspective. Not everyone will agree with our idea of the meaning of Easter, even some Christians. The fact that someone has a different perspective on this subject, does make them evil, stupid or some other derogatory term. We have our own backgrounds, our own educations, and our own will to make up our minds for ourselves. We agree to disagree. We hope this blog finds you happy and in good health on this Easter Sunday.

To understand Easter it helps to read the book of Genesis.  We have written extensively on the book, you can go here for in depth analysis of Genesis. Genesis describes how God created everything we see and experience. Man with the help of a fallen angel we call Satan rebels against God, and becomes separated from God and his plan. God does not let this go unnoticed. Everyone who does not have a personal relationship with God is in the same boat as Satan. Satans boat is going to sink into an recoverable doom. Satan is driving his ship into place where there is total separation from God. All goodness is eternally lost. If it were not for the Easter story no one could ever get off the ship of the damned. Right now we have the opportunity to abandon this ship, but this opportunity will not last forever.

Enjoy the presentation, and forgive my editors, they were really busy today.

Should you believe our faith is not worth the dirt on the floor, that’s your prerogative, we can still be friends.  We can’t force faith, nor do we want to. If you are interested in further study, the following links will be of great help.

Sure, there are holes in our arguments, and we can find holes in yours, nothing of this nature is perfectly tied up with a bow.  Each of us needs to review the evidence, and decide where his hope comes from.

If you want an in depth study here is an Audio book of the Case for Christ. It is 10 hours long, but really good coverage. Better than the movie. Real study though is easier with the printed book.

For my friends who work in public domain doing God’s work here is something to consider.  There are a few people in the world who are figuring out how to go after church schools and churches for copyright violation. Some churches and schools are going bankrupt. Copyrights are far easier to violate than I ever imagined. To my musician friends, please make some of your music public domain so we can make nice blogs about the gospel and give you credit. A little good will goes a long way..

6 Myths About Copyrights That Put Your Church at Risk 

Have a wonderful Easter!

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