Seaside Oregon, Boise Idaho, Chehalis Washington, Hartstene Pointe

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In our last blog, Marnie had just departed with her husband Mike for a new destination. Athena, Sarah and I were left behind to see what kind of trouble we could dig up after work each day. The first stop is our annual Skee ball tournament at the the arcade in Seaside. The price quadrupled since we played last year, so we played fewer rounds than we usually would play. Needless to say, it was fun even at 12.5 cents per shot. I do not know who won the game, we always forget to look. We are staying in the Seaside Thousand Trails in Seaside Oregon. Here is our latest rundown of the park. The review is old, the only significant change in the park is a new play structure on the side of the park with the manned entry gate. The structure is real nice. Check out the park here.

I had one up on my competition. I could use the machine next to me to keep my balance while shooting skee ball. Hold on with the right hand, shoot with my left. Now I am ready to compete in the leagues as long as no one keeps score.



The 80’s those were the good old days. The tight spandex, the long hair, torn jeans as dress clothing, and the arcade games. That’s nostalgia! Just as I yelled beam me up! I found myself right square in 1980 with the fashion and the arcade games returned and larger than life. We found Space Invaders on steroids. They mixed Misile command, Astroids, Space Invaders all into one game super powered game, and provided a gun too. For two bucks and a little luck, you can waste your life away. Now those were / are the good ol’ days, I’m kinda lost… Anyway, I glad to say Athena is protecting us from those pesky alien invasions at our cosmic border. Target practice sure beats the heck out of a border fence!


Sarah and I take a voyage into the caves where pirate treasure has been left behind, but it is full of pirate Zombies. The object of the game is eradicate the zombies, by using the provided guns to blow the snot out of zombies, confiscate the treasure, and by no means drink the kool aid!


Fun and Games are over. Randy, my seldom mentioned brother, invites me on a 18 hour round trip mission to see Paul in Boise. He supplied the car and driver, all I had to do was ride. He left Monmouth at 10:30pm. I left Seaside at 10:30pm. He picked me up in Beaverton at 12:00am and we’re off and running. Had breakfast in Caldwell Idaho at 7:00am PST. Mike snagged a ride as with us, and we all invaded Paul’s room at 9:00 am MST. Mike shows Paul pictures.  Paul did not know alot about what we were saying, the hospital lost one of his hearing aids. Though Paul recognized us, he could not see too much, because he broke his glasses when he fell. He seems to be the deaf and blind kid in the house. We all had fun seeing him in spite of all that. Paul has good friends there looking after him. Pastor Ron the Hospice chaplain and personal friend sees him daily, and Christy the neighbor girl who grew up across the street from him comes in and does his laundry and visits. Medicare pays 80% on these nursing homes, his co-pay is $200 a day, they skimpy little room with a view of a four lane road, room three meals, and people to come in and bother him a few times a day. Medicare is really getting the short end of the stick on this one. I am in the wrong darn business!


Though the time with Randy was short, I would not trade it for the world. As adults, we get so little time together these days. He is stuck in an office being a paper pushing pansy. I only say this because he teased me about the same. Not only did I get to see Paul again, but I got to see Mike too. We had the whole brat pack under one roof again. Thanks go to Maureen Stanciu for making all this possible, by giving us the information we needed to get here. Maureen has done a great job of being friend to Paul and looking after him all these years. Maureen is such a nice lady, I always thought she and Paul should be married. Paul however just wants to remain a free spirit.


Meanwhile, back in Seaside we were blessed with 10 inches of rain. Our road side slide failed to repel water and we had fluorescent lights on the ceiling trying to disguise themselves as a water feature in the living room. We were not in the mood to start singing “Rain Drops a Falling on My head”  as pouring would be a better description. Sarah went top side and found a two inch gash in the fiberglass roofing, and the wipe seal kinda trying to go its own way. Like us, it got old and saggy, and does not perform as well as it did before. Sarah filled the hole in the fiberglass with silicone, then used a steel and fiberglass patch to cover the whole and sealed it in place with “Flex Seal” . Be sure and put silicone on the top side of the white rail where it meets up with the fiberglass, that is the top of the slide frame.  Water will run in there too.

We happened to have a brand new 2″ double bulb wipe seel in the basement waiting for a rainy (or in our case sunny) day. We removed the old seal by pulling it off with our hands and tossing it in the dumpster. The easy part of the repair is now behind us. The next step we took was to pry the first quarter inch of the seal in a linear fashion along the seal. We needed to form a lip in the seal to fit around the metal on the rv in which it needs to grip, but we did not want to bend any of the metal inside the seal more than a 16th of an inch in fear that it might fall off once installed. We then draped the seal over the slide, and began pushing the seal on to the metal flange around the slide box using a board, and pry bar we covered in duct tape to prevent scratching of the slide and tearing of seal as we worked our way to the edges from the top center of the slide. We used silicone sealant as lubricant when the seal refused to go on, but as little as possible as we did not want the seal to slip back off as we worked with it. Once the seal was in place, we cut it to size on each side, then placed a silicone bead around the entire outer edge to keep water from getting between the seal and the flange. The seal is held on with a steel spring that grips the steel flange. The chief reason these seals fail is water rusts the the springs, and the slide seal has no way to secure it self to the motorhome, and seal begins to wander away. The bedroom slide took us five days to seal. With the tips here, we did the living room slide in under two hours. Knowledge is power!

This is seal we used, it comes on a 28′ roll:

Then coat the entire slide roof with this. You are good in shape.

The seal went on smoothly and there was time for another trip to the beach. So Athena took us to the beach. We parked at the Seaside convention center and waddled up Broadway, until we reached the turn around at the end.


Sarah took pictures of us


A government got themselves a drone and took pictures of us as well. Being a celebrity is a tough life.


The sun came out, it warmed up to 48, so Athena and Sarah took me to the beach again. This time Hug point. Getting me down here took dedication on their part.


She wanted to show me something. I can’t remember what…


Sarah is getting to be a real photographer!


We saw a personal trainer exercising a lady on the beach. They seem to be dedicated to this session.



Sarah and Athena hike to a waterfall. They hike to the top, the people at the bottom went around a rock taking their chances with the tide. The girl at the top of the waterfall does not seem to value her life as much as one would think she should.


With teanagers, life seems to be cheap!

Time to head out to Washington. This movie shows the Northwest in April, and for those who need cellular data while in Thousand Trails where to get it.

In Chehalis, your going to most likely need one of these here boosters:

Here is a quick run down of the Chehalis Thousand Trails Park. Not much has changed since we did the review. Here

Now we jump to Harstien pointe and meet up with Mom and Ron at their house. They take us and the dog for a walk. It is really pretty there.


Athena and Sarah brave a steep stairway to the beach.


Mom and I take a different route, a little less bravado, but nice to spend some time with her.


Their beach has lots of rocks, which are hard to to walk on, but have lots of agates.


We found a boat that seems to have strayed away from its’ owner. It is cloud-bathing on the beach.




If your missing a Bayliner License number “WN 6346 KE” Go to the end of Hartstene pointe. Take a walk on the beach, you can’t miss it. I’m sure it is missing its’ captain.



Well it has been fun, and it’s been real. We wish you many sunsets and lots of sand in your shoes.



Genesis 45 – Joseph moves in the whole family

Since we are marveling over the late 70’s and 80’s these days I thought I would bring up the topic of spiritualism in the Christian church. There seems to be some fear of the New Age movement taking over the church. In some cases, this may very well be more real than perceived.  My sister supplied a video addressing this topic. Is it ok to adopt methods of worship from pagan religions? We did adopt Easter and Christmas traditions, do the crossovers negate the Christianity when we observe them? My sister supplied us with this interesting video that raises questions from days gone by. Where does the adoption of worship and meditation techniques cross the line. In my mind the line is crossed when our dedication to Jesus Christ is compromised by new ideas incompatible with the Biblical Gospel. Watch the following video, what is your reaction? Has the Christian Church crossed the line? Is it more enlightened? Is it just one more thing alarmist are chasing? I have my opinions, but for now I will not share. I want you look at it with your filters and share what you come up with.

Good Evening and Good Night…

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