Sophia goes to ComiCon while we go to Paradise

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Daddy, can you get the lid off? I am too tired.


Eli and Sophia discuss their findings



Grandpa Eric and Sophia are ready to hit the show.



Wonder Woman before she was a woman. Guess she was just a wonder.

Sophia, your transient Grandma and Grandma can’t wait to see you again. We will be there in October. This is not a warning, it’s a promise!


We have to replace our water heater.

Found this one as a direct replacement for the Atwood 10 Gallon DSI Gas / Electric

Replace your backflow device too.

Meanwhile back at camp Mom, Ron, Marnie and Mike join us for spaghetti.
Neighboring squirrel needs a drink


Then heads over to the powerbox to make it an energy drink.


We notice the spaghetti is making us feel fat. So we decide to take a walk around the Chehalis Thousand Trails to keep from looking fat.


Sarah found a flower


Athena and Sarah play football on a stick using a hard round ball.


Ron plays pool with a pool stick. Sticks and round things seem to be a theme in Chehalis.


We watch Ron play. He knew we were all to smart to play against him on the next round.


Hey Ana, you and Jase need to get married here. We have the perfect little chapel.


It is quaint, it rustic, and cheap too. We could host a beautiful wedding and you would have money left over to by a house.


It’s a renewable resource too. Did I mention the fact that it is cheap? Athena and I wish we could have been married here.


Athena enters Paradise


There are geese in paradise




Paradise Thousand Trails has a store. Athena got me a Dew. She is so wonderful.


More flowers in Paradise


The view from paradise is amazing


Spring is for couples


We find an old school in Centralia Washington. Reminds me of the one Ebenezer Scrooge attended. He studied well and went on to be a great businessman.




Athena in the garden by the school.


Washington is incredible in the spring. My body hates all the pollen though.  It was 70 degrees on Memorial day weekend. Incredibly blue sky. We could see Mt. St. Helens, Reiner and some other snow capped peaks all from one spot near Paradise. Being that it is Memorial day, I want to include the following article I found on Fox today. It is about why we have Memorial day. It’s not political, it is just matter of fact. We need to remember our service men, they enable us to be political without fear of the dungeon. Navy Seal Who Shot Bin Laden Don’t Wish Me Happy Memorial Day. If you can’t put your political views aside and read just one Fox News Article, that’s ok, it’s a free country. Just remember our fallen soldiers and always consider ways to bring peace to others, maybe someday our soldiers will not have to risk all. While there are those who want to hurt others, our people will fight to serve and protect those in need. Our soldiers are there to help, always support them. When you have issue with what they are sent to do, go to DC and hash it out with our leaders. The soldiers are our parents, brothers, sisters, and our children.


Genesis 46 – Israel Enters Egypt

Have a Good Evening and a Good Night





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