The screaming summer

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This summer is screaming by. Athena has been working hard and long. We have been dragging each other out of bed each day. She is putting together new and really cool offerings for her business. Business is coming in from both the left and the right coast, but it will take a bit more before she is really profitable. I get to be the wall she bounces off of, I don’t mind, it is rather interesting. I give her ideas, help her a little, but get to sleep while she carries the bulk of the load. I have it made.

She still drags us outside from time to time. On July 12th the weather in Oregon finally warmed up enough to sustain life with 18 layers of clothing. Now it is pretty nice out side and hotter than an oven in our RV. We lost the front air conditioner completely, it just smokes. The back air conditioner works some. So when Athena works, she is smoke’n hot! In more than one way.

All work no play is a worthless day so here is what our summer has looked like so far. Sophia, I hope your are reading these blogs!

Water filled the electrical outlet, and caught fire. Athena was standing there making coffee. We could not get the fire out. The fire burned about 5 minutes then went out on its own. When it first started, it lit the boxes of food. Athena scooped them out on the floor. She tried to smother the fires with a towel. I tried to dial 911, but my fingers would not move. I handed her the fire extinguisher. She did not use it she threw it on the floor. The rig filled with so much smoke we could not see each other so gave it up for dead. The neighbor came over and said it would probably quit burning when power outlet was completely devoured by the fire. Fortunately that is exactly what happened, and that wall and the ceiling probably did not burn because they were made of fire retardant materials and were soaked from the rain. Funny thing is, none of the smoke detectors went off until we made supper later that night.


We got 14″ of rain, the road washed out and the RV caught fire inside the food cabinet.


Rebuilding after our little camp fire. We bought some wood, cut it and stained it. We cleaned up the soot in the rig with a towel and 409. Worked great.


New plug for microwave is all weather outdoor plug. With GFCI. Now all we do is add quarter round and the cabinet is good as new.


Welcome to Paradise


Ducks in Paradise


Kayaks in Paradise with my people in them



Legally hiking is getting more and more difficult as more species of bird evolve. The newer species need entire regions to be closed in order to replicate. The closed trails are making Americans fat!


My goddess enhances the beach


Sarah’s friends


Just call me a Sandy. How did I get so sandy any way?


My wheels are handy at Fort Clatsop


My Sister, her husband Mike, her daughter Makayla and cousin John are checking out the first incinerating toilet brought to the northwest


Athena sees the light at Fort Clatsop


We arrive in Rickreall so we can see my brother Randy and his family.


Athena drastically improves the look of the parking lot we are camped in.


I was feeling dead, so Athena and Sarah took me to the grave yard. I was to tired to dig, so they could not leave me there.


I found a raisin. Which leave me to believe there are raisin trees in the area.


Turns out there are cherry trees here. This is not one of them.


We found a swimming hole. It’s 96 degrees today. The swimming is getting good use.


I rest from the walk and do my favorite activity. Watch my wife rest


Wife resting


Athena found a swing


Sarah found a thing. No idea what it is, but climbing it seems like a good idea






Sarah found flowers


We see the fish. He is always here. Been in that spot for years.


Friend needs a large chunk of his network moved to a new location. Athena, Charles and I get to draw on the white board.


Sarah is working hard relocating her Sims


Athena is focused


Sarah make interesting picture of Athena’s office.


Well, that’s a mid summers scream in the North West

Have a good evening and a good night…

Genesis 47 – A welcome rain and a slippery slope

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