Rolling Shoe Box Does Central Oregon

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We traveled to Klamath Falls so Sarah could attend a reception for Oregon Institute Of Technology Freshman. The college is a small campus, maybe eight buildings, but their engineering school is highly regarded in the industry. The kids there were clean cut and very serious about their education. In general, the school was refreshingly conservative in its feel.
Santiam pass
The cars transmission over heated on the way up. Hot weather is a killer. So we stopped, let the car cool, and looked at our surroundings. It is so pretty up here when people are not lighting the trees on fire to prove global warming is true. All the fires are making things warmer yet. If they would only set the fires in the winter when we need the heat.
The falls at Paulina lake are beautiful. I probably will not hike down again. It is not handicap accessible.
Athena and her mom see the lake
Athena and her Mom like each other
Athena and her Mom hike up the stairs.
I tried to hike the flow, but fell down and fractured my leg. Next time I’ll hang at the picnic table
The Goddess Athena is rarely seen these days as holding me up is a full time job until I heal
Obsidian lake
Obsidian lake, is dry. I have never seen it dry. Not in all my life
Twin Lakes
Stopped at Twin lakes off century drive. Everyone on earth appears to be here
Swimming would be hard, there is little lake left with out swimmers.
Bumper Kayaks
Bumper Kayaks operated by Hailey and Sarah.
Burton Kayak
Mike Burton, and Hailey come see us. Mike tries a Kayak for the first time. I think he needs to camp more.
For the love of grass
Athena finds real grass we can sit in. Hard to get now days

Boat Dock Crane Prairie
Moon and Mars
Down on the Little Deschutes river in the dark of the night, Sarah and I shoot night photos. We have double vision. Moon and Mars in the sky, Moon and Mars on the Water.


Have a good evening and a good night…

Genesis 48 The Blessing


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