Busy, Busy. Busy

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Hailey is headed to Seattle


She still is beautiful
Marnie, Makayla, and Athena in Paradise

We see Steve and Mendie in Enchanted forest

We stop and see Paul. We teach him how to get email. We must be bad at it though. He never replies.

Powder River near Richland Oregon
RV park we stay in in Delco Idaho

Waterfall by Steve’s house. Poor camera is abused without Sarah. We don’t do it justice. May go back to a point and shoot that we can’t mess up the settings on.
Someone greets in in our Quartzsite home
Eric made a 12ft round table for T-Giving/ Did a great job. Looks like 2×12 poplar
We see Sophia, This blog is devoid of pictures. Holly fears the camera will steal her soul.
California has the best campsites

Athena working hard


Athena has her monitoring service lit up for her business. She can remotely monitor performance and status of servers around the country. Often she fixes problems before the customer ever knew of the problems. We observe her clients on 43″ 4K monitor.

Well the sunsets on another chapter in our lives. Our youngest the photographer for these blogs has gone off to Oregon Institute if Technology. The blogs will really miss her handiwork. Our oldest has working and has a beautiful daughter. Athena and I are home alone. Athena is working hard, and my health problems have slowed me down to being near worthless. Don’t have enough energy and strength to do much. Going in for surgery soon for a hernia. They also found issues with my back. Some degenerate disks. Maybe that has been the cause of my walking issues all these years, If so, maybe they can fix it. We saw Paul in Richland, and went to Steve’s in Utah, those pictures seem to be permanently stuck in my I-phone. I traded my LG for a piece of junk Samsung, then for an I-phone. The I-phone seems nice, but the pictures take hours to get from the phone to my PC, providing they get there at all. I would call tech support, but she charges too much for it. Until then Athena works hard, and I enjoy the desert sunsets. With the kids gone, and Athena working so many hours blogging kind of seems pointless. We shall see….


Good Evening and Good Night…..


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