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While Athena works hard, I ask her for a green space with full hookups near the river. We are in need of some good old fashion R and R. She says we can’t. So I ask God to help.
Over night and through the next morning we got 2.3 inches of rain
Well, God brought the river to us. It’s not exactly what I had in my mind. When you are given a gift, you get what you get and don’t throw a fit.
We were wondering it would visit our RV close up
Athena took a break to see the desert change
After the rain, the cactus swelled up like I do when I have ice cream every night.
And the rains came
and the sewers backed up, I got more than a lousy river!
OK, maybe we are puffing a bit like an exuberant salesman
As we saw in the last three pictures there is plenty of food around for this guy to eat
Spring flowers in January
Athena and Sarah see the lake and text on the phone
Sarah is gets inaugurated as the photographer the rest of the day
This woman is photogenic
She ought to be in pictures
Ok, duck you’re ok too
Sophia came for a visit
She handed Athena something undesirable
I was too broke to afford a real smile
Holly and John came to visit and we all took a walk
1/4 mile of rocky trail that seemed like it would never end
Sophia was starved after the walk. Proved she is ravenous carnivorous young lady. When we got home she commenced to eating her unicorn fur and all
Three years I have been wondering the washes looking for Clear stones. Sophia found one for me. The one in the middle is the rock of my salvation
On occasion the RV is full of it
We pump it in to our new methane powered pod racer. The racer does not fly straight as it needs one more blue barrel for better control and seat for the driver.
Between the contents of the POD racer and the rain, things are really greening up around her.

Sunset on the wet desert
We head to to town, but some one else already painted it
Lights on the water
A crazy old coot and the beautiful woman who kissed him and made him a man
Something weird happen to the moon the other night. Someone said something about it stealing the earth’s shadow. I think it looks better without the shadow
The recovery from the hernia was an adventure. Have not got the back repaired yet due to the availability of physical therapy out here. The kids blew our minds with drama. Took me two weeks to remember my password to add blogs. That concludes another month in the desert. February will be more of the serene we come for; Right?

They are complaining on the Phoenix news about global warming again. Has been pretty darn cold lately around here getting down to freezing at night. The rain and the unusually wet weather have been interesting.

Have a good evening and a good night…

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