Fireworks, Murder, Flowers and Sophia

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The last month or so has been interesting. Athena’s Aunt was killed by a man with a problem and a gun. Her cousin was shot but on the top side of the soil. Holly and her roommate were victims of domestic violence right about the same time. We figured out with 90% certainty who did in the generator, but are choosing not to chase it any further; he has enough problems and probably does not remember being there. I had 34 neuro-therapy appointments in February and March at the Mohammad ALI building. (Based on the pictures everywhere he made a name for himself by beating people up). The therapy was of some use, but now I am getting therapy for my back. Not as hopeful today as I was when I started. The back therapy taught us something about the over all neuro problem, my coordination issues temporarily responded in a positive way to something in epidural I received. Was a fluke but could be important. We are hoping my primary neurologist can connect the dots for us.

I don’t know about Athena, but I am so lost in time and events; one should not look my direction. So here are some pictures of what we found great about Arizona this year.

Athena and I took a date to the Havasu City Fireworks expo. Best $7.00 we ever spent on a date!
We then headed off the Organ Pipe. Saw those cacti in the left side of the image and some fish that live under the dirt when the puddles dry up.
One should probably bring a gun and some money. If the gun does not work out, maybe you can get them to hire you. We did not encounter any issue. Good thing, as we had neither on us.
Greenest I have ever seen this part of the world. We are on the line bordering Mexico, and a couple hours east of Tuscon.
Fuzzy bush, grows what appear to be grapes
On closer look, it appears to have nuts
We found two arches. People hike up there. We are not those people
In the night we dream pleasant dreams under a sinister moon
We dream about a desert teaming with flowers
The next day we woke up with snow in all the hills. Never seen this is Quartzsite before
We drive to the the desert, but this was not the definition of flowery we had in mind
Athena wanted a peaceful place for her afternoon meeting
Arizona Sunsets are something
We found Flowers
Our best photographer now that Sarah flew the coup
Judging by the way this bus sags, kids eat better today than we used to
Sophia Joins us
Sophia’s daddy participating in the fun his way
I was happy to shoot my family from the road
She must not get enough flora in her dinner at home
Daddy’s Girls
Have a good evening and a good night…. Actually what you do is your problem. I am out of here!

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