Don’t know where we are goin’ Probably be back again

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Perfect combination of rain, heat, sun made the desert colorful.
It feels like a northern summer today. The venomous critters and predators wake up from hibernation. The transient creatures begin thing about more hospitable climates.
In a social collapse these guys are good eating and easy to catch. They are noisy as elementary school students in a stark cafeteria. The little guys go from sun up to sun down. Keep in mind a little fresh meat is good during a period of living off the land. We should take some with us on our journey north.
In closing up my medical bills. Met a billing clerk. She upgraded her broom. She is really hauling ass now. Maybe USPS is too slow and she is going to hand deliver them. If it works out, maybe Amazon should give up on drones.
Athena, Holly, and Amy are sealing the roof prepping for our Northern journey. Pray for Holly and Amy’s family. They need a great deal of bravery, and bit of cash to survive. We want to see the lord bless them through their trials.
My job was to keep Sophia alive while everyone was working on the RV.
I gave John this game called Voodoo world, then let him play God. Don’t worry, I own the only copy, and I tend to hold it up with my right hand.
Holly is in out of the heat. Once she has cooled down, I’ll have her make everyone supper.
All the work that could be legally done to the rig has been done. I had a great crew. While they went swimming I made supper and enjoyed the quiet. We still had to call shops for engine oil replacement average quote $220, Transmission oil replacement average cost $550, coolant replacement average cost about $150, and wheel bearing repack at $340. Then of course belts and hoses. Seemed like an easy request to make in in Mid March and we could wait around till April 7th. No problem right? In Arizona, every coach in the country wants to head north about now, and every shop in town laughed at us when we asked for a turn at bat, except one. We found a shop on the Dysart and Glendale in Glendale Az. They said sure come in on the 8th and we can get close to those numbers. We rolled in, and a couple Mechanics Tom and Jeff crawled around the rig. They discovered the brake were down to a 1/4″ of thickness and thing the starts with a “C” was flipped over. Short end of the story is they said we have only front brakes. Odd, no other service center noticed this in the past, but these guys seem to know these rigs. We told them give us a number so we could know what we could pay for. If you can’t pay for it all, the mechanic gets to keep and resell the rig in Arizona. They told us the original repairs would be 1 day and we would get the rig back the next day. Being in I.T. I am a skeptic when time allotments for projects are specified. So I booked two nights in the hotel.
Our view from our room was nice. Seems there is always an odd duck lying around.
The Birds of a Feather convention was taking place outside our hotel room. They were trying to
to decide if they should join or protest the United Nations Environment Program. They could not come to a conclusion as a group, and decided they would continue dropping white goo onto dark colored cars for the near future. Two days, and no estimate of repairs could be given and we had to leave the Hotel so other paying customers could have the room. Not that we were not paying, but they did have reservations. Athena called and asked where they were at. The rig is in the shop and in pieces. They just had to drive the pieces to truck parts stores until they found a match. Then they could tell us the cost of the brakes. And it would be a day because their parts runner did not show up to work. 🙁 Very sad for us. We asked the transmission oil change price it came at $999.00 so we said no. The engine $279 on special, we said yes. The wheel bearing repack $150×7 hours plus parts. Free if we do brakes (Duh), so we said get the brakes replaced and the engine oil. We only have $2,500 budgeted for the work. Let us know if more. Took two more days to get rig back. We slept at Holly’s and in the mechanics parking lot. Total bill $3950.00. That is one melted credit card. I will never buy a Class “A” rv again. Those kind of numbers for a almost none of our intended work, are unacceptable. Not to mention no place to sleep when getting an oil change!
The rig is back, and we have a home again. Sleeping around feels odd and rather unsettling. We got the car dolly hooked up. Athena and I hurt our backs and we can no longer man handle it.
Athena found this black curvy rod at State Trailer supply for $14, and I screwed it to the Dolly. She found this jack with a wheel on it at Harbor Freight for $17 so I screwed it to the dolly. Man moving this think around has proven to be slick as snot. No lifting, no tripping, just guide it like a pallet jack.
Saying Good Bye
Sophia is not into group photos I guess
Getting ready, I have to coerce the van into getting on the dolly. Think I am getting the cold shoulder.
We are ready to go. BLM is so much nicer than stuffy RV parks. We will miss everything but the flies
Heading out to somewhere. We will let you know where that is when Athena decides. I want to go to Cincinnati to meet God. She wants to go to Seaside Oregon.

Where she goes and if she goes now one knows. How and were, we will let you know when we get there.

Have a good evening and a good night…

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