Forgot to take Athena to Sedona

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Sedona does not look like much from here, but the mountains are cool. Very cool…

OK, driving out in the last blog was paused, for a visit to Sedona. Sedona is our favorite place in the United States to date. We wish we could winter there. Sedona has great scenery, mild weather and very clean for a town that has lots of people who don’t live there. Hope if if it ever grows, it only adds us. Town get dirty and lose there appeal when they turn from tourist to just people doing the daily drudge.

Athena and I are thinking about the house. It’s real nice, but admittedly a fixer upper. We have fixed them before. Only take us a week to get it livable, and another 10 years to make it solid. We would be living just above Jerome, and could look down on all those poor folks who have to live in town.
They say there is no seismic activity in Arizona. Though we experienced a 4.5 on the richer scale here a few years back. They must not count it as seismic activity until it registers 9. Building sliding are blamed on bad luck.
Finally, we reach Sedona. This area is spectacular. We decide not to go to town. Just too much traffic, and it makes me tired. Good thing Athena chose the house on the hill. We would be down in this traffic.
Finally we get out of the car and go for a trek to Bell Rock
Athena has me take my razor(Mobility scooter) so she can walk more freely. My riding the scooter makes so she can walk better.
The Sedona out back is full of flowers
Tried to get to bell rock, the trails eventually turned to rock and ruts that I could not drag my rear end over. We turned back. The scooter got me closer than my feet have ever done.
Guess we are actually going back to our original trek north. We can’t help but look back.
Times up. We really do like Sedona, life does not get much better. You do have roll your eyes at the west coast politics. Most of the natives have already been scared off by the state of mental health the newbies bring.
Normally I finish off with a review of a chapter in the Bible so that I can force myself to stay on track with my Bible study. I found this import from Korea. He has a tough run over there. He moved here to the United States as first generation American, got him self to college, some PHD’s, careers, and found God. He has great story.

Good evening and good night… Bye Bye Sedona

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