Gone the other way, God will have to wait

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Well, we left to escape Arizona, unfinished business in the west. The good thing is the World is round. It will only take some additional time and fuel to get to Kentucky. Two things RV’ers try always have on hand.

Well we drove for a long time after leaving Tonopah. Drove through the Coachella music festival in Palm Springs, thankfully we did not hurt anyone. We followed some wandering highways, we thought the GPS was trying to teach us right and left due to the number of turns. When we arrived, we decided there really is only so much left you can do in a non waterproof rig. When we leave here, we will go right. Can’t go straight without wiping out the fish restaurant, and the structural integrity of this bridge is suspect. Well there is nothing to do other than switch to smaller transportation, and check this place out. First note, it’s cold compared to Arizona. Second note is some people’s thermostats are broken. They are in shorts!
Me, trying to text while driving. If I take my hands off the wheel, it stops though. They ought to do that with cars. No hand, no go! Just lock the brakes. That would teach them. Well I have to put my phone down and drive.
This person is brave. Bloody cold and a still surf.
This picture make me motion sick
Pigeons have armored themselves. I am thinking we should take note. This area of town is so dangerous that even the pigeons are getting intuitive.
Yup, the pigeon’s are right. There is a young couple who snuck out of the house to be together. This tree turned into an elephant. That will probably put a thorn in their affair. Around here, humans are not the only ones to be looking out for.
First Beach that my butt scooter can slide across. I follow Athena, works like a charm.
Athena by the Sea
By the looks of things, could be Athena in the Sea very soon
In part our California edition of the RollingShoeBox House hunter series we stumble into this little home overlooking San Diego’s exquisite neighborhoods, and the drudges. If we purchased this fine home we would not see a problem with the drudges. We would be looking down on everyone equally. My, does snobbery have it’s advantages. It is a great way to isolate ones self from other peoples feelings.
Has these weird guards posing as statues. I see why employers complain about paying their employees. Sometimes it is hard tell if they are living, or become inanimate. Looking at this, I understand the sign my boss put up where I was a kid. “Please, if your dead, please fall down. This way we can know to remove you from payroll.” Now I fall down all the time, and if I were back there at that job, I would have have multiple resurrections on the payroll system. Wonder what the I.R.S. would have to say about that.
There must be something in the water, everyone looks stoned. Speaking of water don’t go to near. The boy has no clothes on. Should he decide to evacuate his bladder it will not be pleasant for anyone in the line of fire. I know; it has happened to me before. Hmm, it is a wonder I am sane!
The house comes with a really nice pool. Drain it, hit it with some bleach. Should be as good as new. Just remember what I said about the water. Sure a lot of people lined up for the gardener position. I bet they keep turning them into pillars of stone. Hiring is continuous here. Hopefully HR has just in time delivery mastered.
Mid April and there are roses
More roses
and Not roses
Athena by the Tree
My wife Athena is as awesome as this women. Every woman needs to be strong where required. Soft and gentle even then. When she does that, no man can compete, nor should he. Men and Women are God’s tools and he designed us accordingly.
Geesh you should told me I was not straight
In California Americana is not dead. Like Elvis who can be spotted from time time, Americana is right there with him. These critters referred to as POUS (Pot Of Unusual Size) were found in Menifee, California. The picture is unique in more than one way. First it looks like I am tipping way back and tilting to the right or left. This is just an illusion presented by the tilt of the camera, the opposing tilt of the sidewalk and the angle of the pot, and its size. I was actually as straight as a soldier at attention. The second interesting detail. In the window you can see Athena taking the picture. It appears that she is parked on the hood of the car of a perfect stranger. This is definitely an optical illusion. Athena would never sit on a car hood, she knows California’s first love is their cars. Scratch a car, and consequences from the car owner would make for a great action flick. This my friends is an optical illusion, it reminds us that pictures are worth a thousand words, and photos can lie.
While lost in the desert wilderness and trying to find our way back to camp
(Common for Athena, Myself and a GPS programmed by Loki). We discuss the houses, the one in Sedona was really in need of a Miracle. We believe in miracles, but they are not at our beck and call. The one in California would let us look down on most everyone, but you can never look down on everyone. Our creator above, knows our every thought, and our every glance. He has abundant mercy, and with His mercy saves us. Though he has plenty of mercy, let’s not take more than our share. it’s just plain rude. Living in the San Diego castle for us, would leave us feeling hollow, damp, and the darkness would be more than we could stand. Did I mention the water? Must keep up the hunt!

Have a Good Evening and Good Night! …

I lost my only public domain bible, so it is movie night tonight..

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