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This was our final destination of the Northward Journey for the next couple weeks anyway.

When we got there, one thing was clear, we had to go to the beach.
On the beach things were not so clear
We found some clarity. I lost the bet! As we approached this, It turned out to be a log, rather than a man eating sea lion. I hate it when I lose bets.
Bird with large weapon
Ocean looked neat, so I sat down to photograph it
I got wet! I was on the sand behind the rocks. If the rocks had not been there we would have been swimming. Though I probably would not have been there as there would have been no cool photo to get. Can I sue the people who put the rocks here? This is definitely their fault.
Found a better point to view the ocean from, and this time we did not get wet.
Friends by in the Sea
We take every one here. It is by the restaurant behind the Shilo in Seaside.
Had no idea there were whole cities full of coasties
Athena thinks the symbol on the mast represents a Marijuana leaf. If so, they are brave mooring in Oregon. For years, Oregon has sported Marijuana as their largest cash crop. Oregon herb growers association might become enraged and evict them from the state.
Looks like they are rubbing it in. They also seem to have something against snow flakes.
Don’t for a minute think we would waste time, money, and brain cells on this stuff. If we did, our blogs would be really different.
Man that thing looks big from the river too. It is fun to climb. I did the climb 30 years ago. Now, I am holding out for the next elevator.
I think Oregonians put their weed in these containers. I think there is a big market in Turkey and Columbia. Those countries can’t compete any more. It is cheaper to buy from Oregon, than to grow it local. We are driving the world market’s spot price of grass down hard. We even have the Kentucky Blue grass variety beat out.
Time to leave Astoria and head to Cannon Beach. We need to go ten miles straight, then turn left.
That was easy, we made it to Cannon Beach. I wish the haze would stop following us around. I fear the mist
If you got the munchies, there are enough carpenter ants to last a life time. For me, I prefer MO’s restaurant, but would be Leary to eat there with these guys around..
Here is a picture of my gorgeous chauffeur who brought me here. She is smiling, because she has a secret.
She told me her secret, she if my gorgeous wife! I will be doing the driving. She is right, she is gorgeous, and I am proud to have her as my wife. Just little piece of heaven on earth.

Good Evening and Good Night….. Is God Talking to You? Are You Sure?

Not everyone who thinks they hear God is. It is our responsibility to know God. Knowledge prevents stupid descisions. As many time as I skin my nose, it is apparent that I have not earned my PHD’s yet. May need to listen a few times, it is hard to remember.

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