We leave L.A. behind. Sarah is not there

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Southern California has one of the most desired climates in the world. Californian’s don’t mind putting water where it never was before, making really nice gardens every where from mini malls to Disney. Generally it is one of the most beautiful ocean side deserts on earth. Self righteous opulent consumerism and environmental abuse rampant. They say the use of resources is fine as long as they define what quantity is reasonable. When they don’t have enough for their cities, they steel it from their farms and the water rich states up north. Obviously the key here, is don’t be a farmer, and don’t live North of Santa Barbara. The idea works for me, and 30,000,000 other Americans as well. Truly, factor out high mindedness, politicians, tax, traffic, and the occasional seismic activity this place is great. Move 29,000,000 of the inhabitants to New York City and we might even be willing to live there. Smart people realize L.A. is a place to play, not to stay, so off we go to see Sarah.

We drove and drove. The freeway destroyed parts of the rig, and our dental work will need some fix’n as well. We were planning to stay at the Rolling Hills casino in Corning, but the RV park was full. Everything within shouting distance was full. Everything was full because we waited too long to put in for the night. This time of year you better be parked in a site by 4pm, and that might too late. This is senior migration season. They get up early, and they go to bed early. Since were not swimming with the pack, we had to find alternate accommodations. First we found a rest area, that was good for a few hours, but we were still not fresh enough to drive. Our RV is guided by candle, which was enough to get us up in a cold place. There we found a parking lot full of trucks. We tucked in there and slept till mid morning. We were almost the last to leave. We heard the food was good so we ventured in for breakfast. Turns out this place is a mission / outpost for truck drivers and is closed Sunday. What a neat little place.
This is what the rest of the area looked like around the diner, bad fire year.
We found snow! Now all we need is a helicopter, skis, and bodies capable of that kind of nonsense. Extreme skiing! That’s what I want to do when I die. So far in talking to others, I will be alone on this activity. More snow for me!
Hmm, I found a plane. If the pilot is really good, this could substitute for a helicopter. Now I need to figure out where to get a body upgrade. What would I get? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Patrick Swazi? Chuck Norris? Or Kim
Kim Basinger (Useful if I have an accident and need rescued)? Driving too many hours is bad to the brain.
We arrive at Rogue River State Park. Very nice park. The road in has lots of low branches. It is a win win when I drive in. The trees clean my roof, and the RV prunes their trees.
We made it Kalamath Falls and stopped at lake so Athena could take a customer call. We then went on to see Sarah. We had a Mexican dinner with her and her friend Jacob. Then took them to Walmart to get a few things. Jacob made some points with me. He likes M&M’s and gave me some. 🙂 When got back to their dorm room, they showed it off to us. They have to beds, but Sarah sleeps on the floor under Jacob’s bed. Pretty raunchy accommodations considering the expense of dorm rent. College seems a bit different today. Shouldn’t the kids have to sneak into each others room? When we were in school kids have to be same gender to share a room. Guess us old people take a while to catch up. We skipped picture taking to focus on Sarah. Maybe we can order pictures from the restaurants security cams or Walmart’s. They probably would not mind.

One last stop before proceeding North. Rogue River enters a cave to head underground. Where it comes up, nobody knows.

Back on the road some more. Landed in Rickreall where have a nice visit with Dad, Randy, and Tricia. This trip wiped us out.
Athena says these guys have different fashion sense than they did in the 90’s. Got to change to keep up with the younger crowd. Everything I look at, and the new morality. It all looks like an amalgamation of 1970, 1980 and 1990. Maybe us old farts are not having trouble keeping up, but maybe we just don’t want to go back?

Good evening and good night…

Hopefully I will find my bible soon, you don’t need these high quality of the shelf sequels? Real men eat meat!

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