Central Oregon 2019

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That mountain is a good sign that we are headed in the right direction. My sister lives on that mountain. We will not be stopping to see her, as she is working at an Amazon warehouse somewhere. Our destination is Bend Oregon somewhere beyond this mountain.
Forty Years ago today in 1979. I made reservations at a nice restaurant in Bend Oregon for a 26th anniversary dinner for Athena and I. and marked the date on my calendar.
Gregg’s Restaurant; It is a lovely place
Gregg's Grill for the anniversary, the obsidian flow for snow, and waterfalls everywhere.
On the river, the ambiance was great, but Athena makes it all worth while. (Note, nice restaurant, but fill up at McDonald’s first. We like there food there better.)
It’s not about the food anyway. It is about celebrating 26 years will the perfect wife.
Big cities like Bend, really are not our thing. Since we have not lived in Bend, we found were not appealing to the Bendonites. When getting medical care, being a tourist can get you less than ideal care. No matter, we avoid the city, maybe just a bit too blue collar and crowded. So we hunt down ADA accessible waterfalls and such. More our speed.
What’s a waterfall among family and friends
Salt Creek falls states they are ADA accessible. I would concur, if ones handicap is being deaf.

We ended up with an unexpected intermission in our plans. We were staying in Bend/Sunriver Thousand Trails. They have no sewer hookups and for space reasons we did not bring our Blue dump barrel up from Quartzsite. We purchased a 36 Gallon waste tank from Camco that you tow behind the car. There was nothing right with it. Long story short, it fell off the car and laid in the center of the road blocking traffic. I attempted to pick it up and move out of the way. Since I have no balance, and even less sense, I tried to pull it to the side so traffic could get by, and Athena could find a way to move it home. I ended up in the hospital for a couple days. All said and done, it cost us just of over $30,000 to dump our tanks that week, as well as what was left of my pride. We have definitely concluded this tote is not safe. Do not buy the 36 Gallon Camco tote. The Dr. ordered me back to the scooter and a walker from there on out. (right!)

Our Sarah was once little
She was once colorful
She returned from College, She now calls herself Lee, but she is still colorful
Sarah brought home a friend. I guess she got something out of college
They made a heart out of fire. They claim they are interested in others, but enjoy each others company. Seems about right for 1979
Glaciers in July at the Obsidian flow. Snow has hung on about a month later than normal. I could not go past this point. Walkers stop here. Last year I got a little further up the trail. Fractured my leg, it was a minor fracture, but it kept me honest this year.
This area of central Oregon lost a war 4,500 years ago, and was turn to glass by Mother Nature. When it comes to Mother Nature, pick your battles wisely.
Sarah and Jacob made snow people on the Obsidian flow. In all my years, I never thought to do this.
Benham falls is fully ADA accessible. Athena and I made a run for it
Sarah and Jacob have fun. I wanted to follow, but I seem to be getting old
Calm before the storm
Wish I had a Kayak
Little guy not too worried about his surroundings
Sunday Drive in Cove Palisades
Good Thing there are maps. We are always waking up in places we don’t recognize
Lake Billy Chinook
These people must have taken out the I-phone insurance. Selfies on the water?
Nerves can always be calmed with a Dew
NSA uses interesting rock features to keep an eye on us
Crossing the Bridge to the future. We will write another blog when you catch up to our time
Man, I will never measure up tot he grammar Nazi

For what it is worth. A few more months of our lives have been wasted with our heads in the stars. Now a few more moments spent on reading about unsafe waste totes, hospital stays, water falls, teens and mountains of rock! Not the good rock we had in the eighties either.

Have a good evening and a good night….. PS:Being a city slicker is bad for the brain, but if you insist on doing that; it leaves more countryside for us, and we thank you.

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