To Summer and Back Again

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We Spent the fourth of July at the KOA in Culver, Oregon as we could not get in a Thousand Trails Park over the Holiday. Thousand Trails is getting so popular, no one can go there anymore. We took a side trip to lake Billy Chinook and found a waterfall.

Hot as summer in central Oregon and the ladies Athena and Miss Lee (Formerly known as Sarah. She did not like her first name and got the court to change it to her middle name, she got another one of those too. Least she did not change to a symbol that is not on my keyboard; like some old rocker did.) want to go to the beach. So we leave Bend behind and head for Florence.

On the road again, there has to be an end, I don’t know for sure, but we are on the road again
Yup, we found it, the road has an end. Now we walk!
We are at the end of line, and Miss Lee begins a building project. Like most, she spends most of the day pushing sand around.
Setting the corner posts, and moving on. The finishing crews will take over from here
We went to the tide pools with Sunshine and Shawn, there were so many people it made my eyes fuzzy.
Looking for sea creatures
Supper did not go well, The BBQ was burning out of control. Had to shoot it with the fire extinguisher. Dinner was a loss. The BBQ and RV paint are just a replacement away.
Decided a walk on the beach would work out better than dinner. Less fattening too
Found a nice but odd, old couple on the beach. They are really nice people once you get to know them. Oh’ don’t let them BBQ for you. The results are not always as expected.
Another sunset. The more of these I see, the more wrinkles appear on me.
We took a trip to the Newport Aquarium. Not much has changed since we were last time, except Kei Ko the whale is gone, and the price is 2.5 time higher.
We hung out in New Port Oregon so we could go to my sister Ana’s wedding in Portland
On the way to Little Diamond KOA we stop in at our most frequented campground. The Port of Arlington
Barges pushed by tug boat showed up
Mom and Ron come see us at Little Diamond KOA in Newport Washington
Ron sharpens his pool skills. First fifteen minutes are the demo version. You bet against him, and the demo is over.
Athena and Mom get a couple wooden things a plastic ball. One person hits the ball, the other one chases it down and hits it back for the other one to chase. This game is good exercise.
Ron and Athena give it a try
Mike and Nikki came to see us at Little Diamond too. I don’t think these ladies are drinking PEPSI. What ever it is they are drinking, they’re not sharing. PEPSI has not made anyone this happy since the late 1800’s
Athena unloads my buggy, and we go for a walk at the Sand Point Marina
The Marina has Boats
The rich people who go boat camping here, stay in this hotel where they can watch their boats
Behind me on the river walk is a covered bridge that is now a mall that sell used stuff
We load my buggy into the car with the ramps Athena made. Only cost her $10.00 and they take little trunk space.
Back to the Port of Arlington. Took a day trip to a town that we usually slightly miss pronounce the name of for fun, but not much profit. We wanted to see it rather than just see the freeway exit all the time.
The town is extremely clean and crisp. Kind of reminds us of Upstate New York
Another Stellar Sunset at the port of Arlington. We be in Baker when the morning comes
Snow is in the air, that’s our queue that we have over stayed our welcome in the Northwest
We put in at the mountain view RV park in Baker City Oregon. We drove the car out to Richland to see Paul, but I was good for only an hour. Exhaustion took over and we had to jet back to Baker. I was too ill to visit
On the road again, hoping those mountains aint where I am goin’
Made to Steve’s house watching soccer. Gollie tries to run over Lauren. Lauren prevailed I am sure.
Lauren has a large friend to spend her Saturday afternoons with
Steve,Lauren,Athena, and I went to the Chuck – A- Rama a really good buffet. Only one of us got sick after eating there. Gets a thumbs up! The food is on par with The Golden Coral, only there is no chocolate fountain. Probably why only one of us got sick.
Steve’s Mountain Lion quit roaring, only gave sad little gray screen after starting up. So we upgraded his Mac Book Pro to Windows 10. He was not a thrilled as we were with this accomplishment. He round file this MAC, maybe even put it through the shredder after we defiled it. He has been using his wife’s MAC, but she is getting impatient with him thieving it all the time. For his well being, I fear he will be buying a shinny new MAC sporting Catalina. Some day I will convert this family to Debian!
Working our way south we stop at Hurricane Utah, Sand Hollow State Park
Has a lake
Lake has a peninsula
The lake has trees, and the trees are well watered
Sunset is nice
The lake has a sand storm
Lots of sand in the air. It is all pink sand. Our RV is now pink inside
After Battling 60 – 70 Mph winds through southern Utah, and Nevada we finally arrive in Bull Head City, Arizona. Too exhausted to care about town, we rested here for two days Athena took customer calls, I did nothing.
We drove to a spot in the desert, I turned off the engine, did not care where we were, or how or where parked. I was gone. Athena put up the solar panels, she said they were easier to put up than before. Last time there were eight. This time only seven. How did someone steal one of our panels when we were driving all the time?
We got here too soon. The heat is giving us vertigo. Everything is flipped on its side
Had to drive to Lake Havasu City to get parts for our water barrels. Stopped and saw a bird on the water.
Saw cat tails too
We arrive in Phoenix to see Sophia’s family. We were pleased to see that she had been taking good care of them. It’s ok, we found that taking care of them is exhausting too.

Well, that was a fun half a year. Seeing family can make you tired, as they don’t all hang out in one place. Sometimes a lot of rubber is spent on the cause. It is always worth it. On days when you think it is not worth it, think again. What other reason is there for travelling anyway. Below we continue a story about another traveling man.

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