Christmas 2019

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This year we spent Christmas with Holly, John, Sophia, Amy, Amy’s Sarah, and her boys. Of course Sophia get’s to be the star. John guided the little elves. I did not good pictures of him because I was sitting 2 feet away.

Sophia is being Elf. She is taking this gift to the boys.
I wonder if this is what it means to be Christmas Carolized>
Sophia got a cuddle thing
Holly is a happy girl
Grandpa Bob had a puzzle special made for Sophia
The Boys go Bikes – They are stoked
One of the handle grips was missing. John’s dad made another one with his printer!
No idea what we are doing, I hope it was a good thing, and successful.

After this, they made me go another party at John’s families house. They don’t understand that after this much excitement, old men need their naps or they become cranky. We had a nice time at the Cacy house. Eric showed me their new floor, and man it looks great. Flows perfectly from room to room. Athena brought her incredible truffles, John made us chicken, so we would have something other than ham, being considerate of our religious convictions. Athena learned about VR games. We had a nice time.

Thank you to all of our hosts this year.

Cellular internet here is Quartzsite is killing us early this year

For Athena to stay in business, Athena is going to have to find a stable internet source either by buying special equipment, or moving us to a new location. So we get up early and head to Yuma to look at the LTVA there.

Man the rainy weather reminds me of Oregon, but the weed
would be different!

We need to stop legalizing this stuff, or at least require a warning label
Other states should hold off on legalizing this for 15 years! So we can see how the left coast fares. This stuff causes paranoia and schizophrenia
See this study
Imperial LTVA – Nice lake 19Mbps down on Verizon. Often 0 up sometime one. AT&T was a total goose egg
We went to the BLM office in Yuma and asked them about Camping land that might have cell service. They said that’s not something most campers want so they do not have anything. So we will likely be moving to a location in the southern United States soon. I just have to wait for my orders.

Oh, that MAC we loaded Windows 10 on, it has been reformed. Turns out the hard drive cable was wonky. I feel like a schmuck for not guessing that one. Happily for the MAC the hard drive was formatted five times over with a secure erase. So the MAC is a MAC again and no longer a windows impersonator.

Have a good evening and a good night

Further research on the “They” movement

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