Nostalgia – those were the Good Old Days

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Nostalgia is all around us. Back when I was a kid Ford Mustang was only $2,500.00 today it is made out of thin sheet metal and plastic and cost upwards of $90,000 for some models. Man those were the good old days. Nostalgia is so big in America that we bought a bridge in London, shipped it across the Atlantic Ocean, trucked it to Lake Havasu city, then reconstructed it there. Hopefully, the bridge was well known in London one would expect, as it is called the London bridge. Perhaps London has too many residents, and they are counting on these residents traveling to the United States to satisfy their Nostalgia for the bridge. Lastly the hope of the folks there is that the Londoners who traveled to the U.S to visit this old relic would just move to the U.S. to save future travel expense. Not real sure, but it could be working, there are lots of folks in the area with English accents complaining about U.S. Driving laws and Californians.

We like Lake Havasu, and the best place to visit the lake is at the London Bridge visitors center where the beach is only about a half hour walk. Holly, John, Amy, Sophia, and the boys took a ride with us in the Van to visit this rather new piece of American history, if not just plain escapist Americana.

In preparation for the trip we loaded my scooter using the ramps Athena made out of two wire shelves found at Home Depot. The total cost was $9.95. Definitely economic solution. They last about 10 loads, then fall apart.
The planning committee is discussing how to properly place LED lights on one’s head. Could have been a great tool to blend in with the Christmas light display at the bridge.
I think Athena and Sophia would really blend in nicely.
Sophia like the plan
We got an impressive flood all Thanksgiving night. Water made all of the gravel in our camp area lose tire and foot prints. We woke up to perfectly aligned gravel and rocks. The channel for the river was dry and completely full of rocks. There was a rainbow overhead. The world is so nice after a rain.
The day has come for the great nostalgic journey into British American history.
First stop – The Colorado River via Parker Dam. It is U shaped 300′ tall with 200′ additional feet of concrete below the surface. That much concrete makes me wonder, if the mafia was in on the building project. That would be a huge opportunity for dealing with certain kinds of pigeons.
Holly is happy!!!
Sophia is indulging in the updraft of the wind ascending the canyon walls. She trusts her daddy a bit more than I would if were me he was holding. Not that anyone gets that close to me to begin with.
The ladies are taking their obligatory pee break, while the boys throw their obligatory rocks.
We reach our destination. London bridge.
Sophia is having a hard time containing her excitement
We got our picture taken in front of the fountain.
Every time I see the bridge, I have fond memories of Jack the Ripper getting his derriere kicked by Loony Linn back at the turn of the century when Lord Rathbone was vying for the throne. He was 10th in line to the throne. He attempted to wipe out nine royals with a Gatling gun at a fireworks show. Loony Linn took him and Jack the Ripper out in just one week. ( History accourding to Shanghi Nights)
If you shoot one, the others will obey most of the day.
The lights are many and the people are few. It is only this good, because all the shops close at four! You get to see the bridge and save a ton of money cause the women can’t spend it.
Seeing Santa is really cheap because you have to be your own Santa! Least there will be no confusion as to what you want for Christmas. I find the fat man in the red suite is getting a little hard of hearing and substitutes factory seconds from China providing what you want is politically correct at the time it is delivered.
Cacy house is a lot more up to date than mine.
The kids found a more politically correct Santa, a skinny man in a red suite
We got a new neighbor! Thinking I should shower more often. I told the hawk we are not actually dead. He looked back at me and said he could wait around……
Another day is trailing to an end
Sunset looks innocent at first
But an ominous darkness befalls our coveted mountain of cell towers
With Nostalgia things were always better in the past has decided to ask the question are things better today that yesterday. In the 1950’s we lived under the threat of nuclear war. Our greatest enemy at the time in my opinion is not nuclear war, but the nuclear testing. The United States detonated many nuclear bombs in Nevada with people in Las Vegas and Mt Charleston in the cat bird seat watching the tests. Then we blew the Bikini Islands to hell, and they are still unusable today. I would assert the toxins from these blasts are still circulating in the atmosphere today causing cancers in humans world wide.

Today, the world still fears nuclear war, and more testing is being done.

See the article Christmas Gift Missile –

Don’t worry it will all be OK. Just duck and cover
Our kids are still doing drills

Global News network states Trump is actually expecting a beautiful vase, but if it’s Missiles Trump says he is ready for that to, and it will be very expensive to Mr. Kim Jong-un. Really it appears the whole problem is Trump call Kim Rocket man and Kim does not like to be referred to as rocketman, and Kim has a better name to call Trump!

Nostalgia of Comedy

We have heard all of our lives that from the generations ahead of us, T.V. was not dirty in my day. Everything was clean and wholesome. So like the was thing we decided to see what changed. We picked out the the Don Knots show in 1970, and Saturday Night live for a quick comparison.

In order to understand the comparisons you will need amazon prime, Don Knots –

Based on my observations, humanity will remain humanity. Nothing is new, Nothing at all.

This guy is trying to use comedy to unite the world and kill racism. I don’t believe it can be done, as there is always a new race to look down on.

Well, it’s been fun. If your reading this, Kim did not kill us on Christmas. If this is all too serious, just spend time with Fluffy. He has something in common with us. He rides around in the country in a bus.

Carrying mexicans around on a bus looks like a great way to make a buck. Maybe we should pick some up whenever we are in Yuma or Tuscon.

Have a good evening and good night….

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