January 2020 – Quartzsite Arizona

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The RV Show

The Weather is Ideal. Typical January day.
The river in front of our house
Senior Cactus – Body Rotting away, but stands tall to the end
Just south of Parker, We found a new park, it is huge like Willamette Mission in Salem. Saturday afternoon and we are the only patrons.
Has a well groomed trail and an exercise circuit
Found tall reeds
There is a river next to the reeds, and some of Darwin’s birds. As you can see his finches noses are still growing. Seems the Pinocchio learned his lesson earlier then Darin.
My favorite water bird
People looking out for us. They are always watching us. I think they are the NSA. If NSA gets to play in the dunes, I want to be NSA! Fun fact: There is one Law Enforcement person to every 5000 Americans. That is why we are as safe as we are.
What a view – I love the Colorado River
John, Holly, Amy, The Boys, Chris, and Melisa all came to Quartzsite and joined Athena and I for my birthday. Athena let me buy a Steak which I marinated on Jack Daniel’s Honey flavor. 1/2 cup whisky, 1/4 cup brown sugar and crushed garlic clove overnight, cooked on the grill. Now that is a birthday. Thanks every one for coming, you made my day great again.
One of the perks of living in the middle of no where, you get to torch the Christmas Tree at the end of the season. Has to be one of my favorite things to do. Holly and Sophia thought it was pretty hot from their vantage point.

Each Year the Sportsman, Vacation, Mineral and RV show comes to Quartzsite. Every year I came looking for new inventions for the RV’er. Four years ago a met a fellow who invented a spare tire holder for the back of RV’s many come with no spare, just like most new cars. The last few years have been a bust on new ideas. This year I met the inventor of a product called the Hoss Quick Connect. He was very personable and very excited about his product and the story behind it. I told him I could not use it as I seldom see a sewer connection where I RV. To those of my friends who stay in parks, you should take a look at this product! Sewer connectors are rarely placed in a way that make it easy to accomplish a down hill run, hoses end up sagging, and falling off the ladders due to no real support. HossQuickconnect.com He is a good man, let him earn your business.

If you travel to or live in RV Parks with full hookups you have got to get the Hoss Quick Connect

Lee, formerly known as Sarah has now moved in with Holly and crew. She will be working for Athena maintaining https://www.smallbizpc.com. She will also be monitoring all of the backups for all Athena’s clients and creating marketing materials for The phoenix area. John, will be in charge of delivery of this collateral and explaining the business to prospective clients. Athena is really excited to have Lee, and John, they have a lot to offer small biz pc. If you have a PC, check out Athena’s web site, she offers complete end to end maintenance services.

Have a good evening and a good night….

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