Arizona Cold as Ice, Internet Not as Nice

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and A 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara brings about a cause to bring out the bag of dice

Just as a first line of business, we need to discuss the Super Bowl last weekend. The Kansas City Chiefs seemingly came out of nowhere and did not just make it to the Superbowl but they won the game! I take 100% of the credit for this. I stole the music, and the artist for their new theme song. I had to steel the music as my musical skills are slightly better than those of Milli Vanilli (The link is here for our millennials). To give you an idea where my musical skills are, it was said: “You would not know a tune if it bit you in the …., and furthermore you could never carry a tune. ” – My Brother.

I proved my brother wrong, I carried many a tunes in my back pack, the car, and any place else an eight track could be stored. I loved my tunes; thank you very much! Now for the tune I have dedicated to the Kansas City Chiefs to be played at all future games!

That was a tough brake for the 49’er players. Does not bother me too much though, I am sure that California will provide welfare to the now out of work 49’er team.

Lee Car

We bought Lee a car, a 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara. The engine sounds funny. Here is the tale of two engines

After I made my diagnosis of a Rod Bearing causing a knock, mostly because the number 4 cycliner quiets down after I remove the spark plug. The car visited two more mechanics. The first Mechanic Litchfield Automotive in Goodyear diagnosed it as a deep engine knock. They felt that the car being worth nothing, was not worth the expense of an accurate diagnosis. Their best guess is a timing chain which on this car would be $3000.00 to repair. They then thought the rod bearing might be an issue as well. I suggested a new used engine, and that they thought that would be $5000.00. They suggested selling the car for $2000.00, as anything that runs will sell for that. If I had the money, I would rent a space in a garage in town for $100.00 per day and have Lee swap the engine. I found a solid engine for $1200.00. On further diagnosis we found oil on the threads of the spark plugs which likely means the cylinders are scored, or impending ring failure. Lee and John saw another mechanic and he found a broken air intake duct. We had to pull the front of the manifold off to seal the duct wall. The manifolds was full of sand. Athena cleaned the intake manifold with a bottle brush and baby butt wipes. Since none of us have money for a real repair, we bought Good Sam Road Side Assistance RV Premium Complete; that covers her car and all our vehicles with unlimited towing. I hate to see the car die, it has great styling for an Arizona car.

Internet Not Nice

Just to get in the mood for tech talk

If this video does not get you in the mood. There is always liquor. I hear it’s quicker.

It’s crazy, on about the 18th of January people flooded into the desert here. They are everywhere! The city moved to us!

There are millions of rigs all of a sudden. They appear to be from New York. Word got out that I am here!
Verizon completely tanked. AT&T tanked. No data moving anywhere. We searched a 25 mile radius and not one cell tower had any bandwidth to spare. 11,000 acres of sheer humanity.
Athena began putting the solar panels in their travel position. Looked like we would be leaving in the morning. She is frustrated because she can’t afford the internet not to work. She only makes money if it is working. She supports hundreds of PC’s around America. Her company is Small Biz PC by the way. So I took a drive to FastNet USA here in Quartzsite to see if they were up and running yet.
FastNet USA was up and running so we bought a Ubiquiti Cube, and Nan LOC M5 radio. The Loco has to be pointed at the tower the built over by the pilot fueling station. The problem was we had to put the loco 26′ in the air so it could see over the bushes. I made an “L” bracket out of 1/4″ steel. (Not to self when tapping screw holes use a clamp to hold the bracket. Hurts like crazy when it escapes). The bottom was 6″ long 4″ wide. It was screwed with those screws with wings on them and glued with EPDM.
I made here a telescoping pole capable of 20 feet, really about 18′. It is a 1″ steel pole with a 1″ pvc pole slid over it.
The Bracket tipped over! The pain and effort did not pay this time.
Athena attaches the contraption to the TV Antenna mount. The thing wiggles!
Athena shores it up with wires. Tied to solar panel brackets and the air horn
It’s up! Pulling 35 Mbps at 4.8 miles from the tower and 26′ from the ground. We made it through the show. Many of the rv’s are gone, but we still find the cell services are really painfully slow.

We got the internet working for us, but on Thursday the following week, Athena’s work computer blew up on her. Turned out the hard drive was dead. I cleaned up and gave her the test pc to use for her work, pulled my hard drive off my laptop and used it to rebuild hers. We had good backups and she only missed about 20 minutes work. She is still trying to get her computers back to the way she likes them. At the same moment her Iphone forgot that it should receive sound when using it to make a call, and play sound when there is a caller on the other end. So I let her use mine for the day. When you do what she does, it takes a gut of steel, calm demeanor, duplicates of hardware and software. She can help you make sure your systems have duplicates, and you have a plan.

The weather station gave up it’s pole. It happily resides on the Black water tote.
Now you can see the weather above our poop barrel – For Poop Barrel Politics and our weather click on the barrel
Been 30 degrees at night, we use lots of propane made here at home in our barrels.
She satisfied her customers, Fixed the internet, the computers are fixed, and now she makes me supper!
We take a day off, and I drive her to lake Havasu. Before we leave, we discover our internet is slow, and someone has attached a Ubiquit Edge Max router to our new FastNet USA network. Means one needs to fully secure the gear before using it. No security out of the box. Instead of fixing it, we just shut off our system down. Athena needs the day off.
The chunnel. The guy on the other side is a Californian. I can tell by the single fingered wave.
Busy today
These guys just discovered someone has a bigger, faster, and more awesome boat than they do. If that is what you live for, you will only be happy until the next boat passes by.
This is where the party is at
Believe it or not the London bridge is a fake, at least on the inside. The outer fascia is actually the real deal. It is just glued to the actual bridge. Can you say Milli Vanilli?
Kinda’ reminded me of Venice, though I have never been there.
Rent the boat, don’t buy one. Owning a boat cost more. I had a fly bridge sedan, a floating RV if you will. Renting a couple weeks if far cheaper than renting a slip, repairs, depreciation, and did I say repairs?
We are heading home. Only 70 more miles to go.
There is an intruder on our network. Unless the government created the NDA (as far as we know a fictional agency) while I was sleeping his problem is different, but equally vexing.
Athena is building a business forming alliances, and someday maybe an Empire. Who ever is watching me, may fear the year of her empire.
Maybe its just the CIA coming to play
The rogue router is gone, we built a firewall, and intruder will be moving on. To make sure no one is watching me, I took lessons from this self help video.

If you can’t see me in “find my friends” or I never call you, or I never text you it’s not personal I got an Iphone Virus. More viruses: I lost everything in Icloud and on the phone. The upside is that my Iphone is much faster now. It is like getting a new phone and new friends at the same time.

The Sophia Fix

David had a Birthday at The Golden Corral. He has great taste in restaurants

Good Evening and good night

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