Fire Sale -2020

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and These are the Good Old Days

So what is a fire sale, well -let’s take a look!

On the first week of March Transportation is disabled. A little flood with growth potential is a good start
Disable Energy. Our Generator drops out all it’s oil and is down for the count Now we are relying 100% on Solar

Now the Feds issue a Virus Alert!

Nuclear Steam is ominous. GoDaddy Pro Kills this web site lost 661 posts and 300 pages. We begin rebuilding elsewhere with a zipped backup. Maybe we will be back in a few years
A gopher snake visits and we are adopted by a cat
They are going to shut it all down, so we play like it’s 1999
It will be OK
These are the ones that will make sure we are OK
Time to hoard, starting with water
Now we go hoarding around at the grocery store. Heard they got a shipment in. They are rationing. Only two they say. We made the video ourselves it may take as long to watch as is it did to make.

Lastly, in the fire sale you keep everyone scared and sheltered in place with promise that help is on its way. Like most states Oregon has issued a stay in place order. They promise it will be all ok, if we just do what they say. Athena, and every business owner is wondering which customers will be around, and where the money to pay vendors will come from. Some of us are making a few dollars in the stock market just trying to keep their minds off the doom and gloom. The best stock advice is buy on fear, and sell when everyone feeling better. If your 401K dropped to a dollar, just keep buying if you have another dollar. Unlike Die Hard 4, this fire sale is real and it’s world wide. As a betting man, I would say learn Mandarin Chinese, for them opportunity knocks. Mr. XI might be the next Rothchild’s and China the next India Trading Company. It might just be Revelation 6:12, coming to pass. Boise hammered with a 6.2 earthquake today and Salt Lake city with a 5.7 last week.

One note to our fellow RV folks. We full timers could be in a heap of trouble very soon. Our only home is the RV and places we can find to be. Campgrounds are dropping like flies in the wake of RAID. No travel orders are being issued in nearly every state and it will get worse before it gets better. Find a place that is inexpensive and hunker down for the long haul. Government land will not suffice. Read it here at Campendium

Click to See if you have covid-19

When it’s all said and done, Our dream, buy this and start a stone smoked pizza place on I-10

Have a good evening and a good night…. We pray you get this virus and live to tell about it.

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