Covid-19 Quarantine Our Way

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Go down on the Colorado River in Eherenberg, AZ
People from L.A. area come to go boating
Maybe a little fishing
This was a hard day of Quarantine
Buy a new device to mount on the roof to serve up 4G and WIFI internet in remote locations. It works, but we have seen better. Keeps rebooting all the time
Take down the Fast Net Antenna. Looks like they pulled out of Quartzsite. We wanted to work with them to divide the cost among all the RV parks and show them how to control data usage so the Telco would not break them. They ignored our calls and emails. We thought we could form a symbiotic relationship. We have the business, but no internet service provider. Made us sad.
This photo is to remind us how to setup our water trailer. Took three tries and one thrown back to get it right this year. Maybe the picture will save us time and pain.
Try to fix Lee’s car. An exhaust valve fails emissions. Waited three weeks to get it from Amazon, Arrived broken, Now we are having to negotiate with Amazon to get a new one. – Sad
We sat around a remissid about the good old days when I thought my angles had promise in the detective industry. Remember Charlies Angles. Those were the good old days.
All is well the flowers are growing in spite of Covid
Lee is getting proof that the environment is still with us
We all go for a walk being careful to observe all recommended social distancing measures
Gardens we did not grow
It’s all in the family
They try to escape to the bushed for private time. Kids keep them honest
Lee and Sophie shoot plants
We all say goodbye. Us old people have to move to the North
We say goodbye to our love birds
Wait for the Quarantine to End at Riggles RV Park in Quartzsite
Go to Phoenix to buy my medications. Walmart had a line around the store. I can’t stand in line, so we had to leave them behind. Thi Quarantine is sending everyone to the store for recreational shopping. I also expect recreational activities are happening at the same frequency and the maternity wards will be overloaded with Covid-19 babies.
Now there is little or no meat to be found in the stores, but nature provides
My Girls make their daddy proud. No one will pick on them, and they will always eat
Like 100 Million others, Darin get’s a new computer. Assembles it from hand picked parts. This is an I-9 9900K CPU. Took a PHD to get out of the weird case. A few smacks with the post hole digger finally cracked it open.
Had to buy another motherboard. Hoping a gaming board can handle my video editing software
64GB of 3000Mhz RAM
Today really hot
Tomorrow probably not
Lots of crap
You put your crap in there
Then you have a really nice machine for 80% less than the nearest competitor
Stayin in Quartzsite is getting expensive. We better try traveling

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