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We have been busy. Mike has been showing us the auction business which is starting to light up now that we are no longer on celebrating Covid-19. Check out his online auction at The second online auction of the season closes tonight around six. They ship anywhere the law will allow, provided you pay shipping and handling of course.

Athena gets to cashier, remodel, dig trenches, support her customers and be chief cook and bottle washer a few times a week. As for me, I do logistics, and keep the internet running (when it co-operates).

Covid – 19 Seems to have pushed a few over the edge. I have concluded that not everyone here is entirely normal. I am not sure what he’s trying to tell us, maybe he is selling Hydrogen Peroxide to gay men as the Penicillin for Covid – 19? Didn’t ask him, he is bigger than me.
The water pump in the RV died again. So I decided to build a bigger badder unit. This one sports a 5 gallon pressure tank. I am nuking a mouse, hoping for a high pressure non-pulsating shower. Hope it works…
Athena is stringing wire for the kitchen plugs
She then installed sheet rock, and stubbed out the plumbing
Mike begins installing the kitchen cabinets
Athena is cleaning up, after working with all that dusty stuff
Athena is building a chicken pen. First step in preparing dinner for next fall.
Can’t complain, A turkey joined us for dinner. He was right on time and perfect after a hard days work.
Another day in our lives, working hard, planning for the future and watching God provide.
For those who want to know, Mom is doing well, she just returned from her regular Tea Party. This month, Covid – 19 changed the fashion ensemble ever so slightly. Can you spot the new addition to the their fashion, over what they would have been wearing a year ago? Is this the birth of Ocean’s 13?

We moved our Bible study website to its own platform. The new site can be found at I also wrote a rather extensive article on the Intelligent Design versus Evolution theories. The Bible has a deep intrinsic value to every American. Reading the Bible helps one understand the foundation of our country by our forefathers who were predominately Christian. The Declaration of Independence is based on Biblical values. Our Democratic Republic supported by the Constitution is based on the Judeo Christian Ethic. Anyone interested in understanding the value of, and supporting our country really should be familiar with the Bible and it’s stories beyond what they hear in the media. The United States has a rich history, and believes in Freedom. Give it some thought…

Remember to support your local businesses, when you do, you might be helping out family and or friends at time when a virus, and the reactions from our governments are all but decimating every small business in the country including ours. Most of us are doing everything we can just to stay in debt now.

Have a good evening and a good night…

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