27th Anniversary – Getting Better Every Year

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Athena and Darin take a day off for our 27th anniversary

Athena and I slipped out for the day on June 5th to celebrate our 27th Anniversary. We went to schweitzer mountain. Looked out over Sandpoint. What a view. Since they were doing construction we could not park and eat at the mountain top restaurant. Instead we drove back down to town and ate at the Hydra. The food cost will choke one up, but the setting was nice, the food was worth the expense, and the quiet time with my beautiful wife was priceless.

We took a walk around the Marina. Athena and I fell in love with the sail boat.

With Covid and the protesting going on, we decided it was best not to stay out any longer. We had a really nice time though.

Athena is a the wife of my dreams, I am so happy that she married me, and loves Jesus too. Athena is the most loving woman I have ever met, and has a huge heart for others. To God, I am grateful for her, as she is the greatest gift aside from salvation that a man could ever ask for. I am impressed she has put up with me for 27 years. She is a dream come true.

God gave us a nice dinner show

Good evening and good night…

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