Another Week Passes On Gypsy Bay

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It has been a quiet week in our Gypsy bay community, a few storms, human and weather related, but nothing we could not handle peacefully.
Athena teaches the kids a little about being a sod buster. This career has a long and glorious history.
We go for a walk
Find flowers
Athena Loves flowers
She loves her dogs
Athena and the Girl’s work to complete the chicken pen
Now that the pen is up, it’s time to go out on the deck for chicken dinner

We ate at God’s Dinner Theater. He put on a first class show for us.

The first storm was weather related. Made dinner on the deck rather romantic, if not a little wet.

Caylee and I go to learn how to ride horses

On the way home we meet protesters suggesting we use the president for sex. I guess even 10 Billion dollars will not buy this for him. So they are doing a grass roots effort to find takers in the general public. It’s nice they care so much about him, but like them, I don’t think those of us reading their signs are any more desperate than they are. If it was such a good idea, why would they not just present themselves to him as human offerings. It is nice the people of our country care this much about the president, but I think getting someone to volunteer for an activity like that with our president is going to be a tough proposition. He is a great president, but he lacks charm.

These people are calling for socialism and for social justice, for socialist ran legal system and for socialized police. One must agree, the legal system will be much more efficient, but with that comes draw backs. Even now we are starting to have curfews, military police, and I expect soon martial law. The protesters are destroying all of societies building blocks. They are wiping out their own freedoms. We are the last remaining free nation. Soon we will be able to understand true Tyranny like many of our neighbors.

As Christians, we are often told that we have no right to be angry ever. I believe that is an errant teaching. Since the time of Moses God authorized anger. Jesus ripped the Pharisees on more than one occasion, the Seduces were not immune, the church was not immune and he even became angry with St. Peter a few times. God demanded war with the Canaanites, God has called on his people to defend the faith. Currently God calls on us to be the messenger, and tell people about his love, and about the fact that he is a just God. Though the powers of the dark forces will prevail on earth for all the time earth has left, God gave us the book of Revelation. In there, he describes the end game. Those who persevere in Christ will eventually prevail. Non violent anger is an emotion God gave us in order that we may persevere, spread his word at all cost. He does the rest.

Moses was no stranger to adversity, and no stranger to anger, but he was God’s right hand man.
Here is a man who knows about Crisis and the hand of God. His story is a story of what is to come

Is it right to lie to further God’s work?—the-search-for-an-honest-man

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    • athena

      It is awesome to hear from you. Call Athena some time, it would make her day. Hope you and your family are well.

    • Mike

      Miss you as well. Hope you guys are enjoying your new Adventure in the South.

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