2020 Summer in Review

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We spent the summer with Mike , Nikki and family up in the Idaho Panhandle. We had a great time visiting with them. We learned a lot about their business, Real estate Agents, Selling homes, among other things. We helped them eat all their food, in beautiful environment away from all the Covid-19 panic.

Picturesque swimming hole
Looks like fun, but could have repercussions later on
Athena making her way out to sea
Life is a role of the dice at times
They are making truffles. Truffles make friends
Cookies are not a bad conversation starter either
Athena takes us to a water fall in Bonner Ferry
Found some chickens that needed a larger house
We made them a larger house
She is definitely our friend! Cleaned our car our real nice
Athena cleaned the solar panels, now the smoke is hiding them from the sun. Good thing Mike helped me fix the generator, we have been leaning on it the last few days now. – Thanks Mike
Standard water water pump for RV burns up about three times a year. Tired of replacing it. We put a commercial pressure washing pump in one of the bays. We never here the pump cycling in the middle of the night. So far, no regrets.
John day fossil beds with Sunshine. They did not take pictures of each other
Last night we saw the sky was Monday night, almost a week ago. Now just smoke and ash. 1,000,000 acres burning in Oregon alone.

The time came to leave, but when we got back to Oregon, we made it to Arlington. We needed to get to the valley to see family and friends, but we lost two tires on the way, so we were stuck here for while trying to find a tire dealer who did not know about Covid – 19 and was still open. Found a good place in town. They were fast and priced right. Then another problem arose, the whole state is on fire. There is so much smoke on the river, we can’t see it. The smoke and fires will not stop us from doing our job, but it will now be a three hour trip each way each day. We lost our places to land with the RV in the Willamette valley. Here is a fun song about success than comes out of a fire. This band has a full symphony!

It does not have to end badly. Make it great Again – Shawnee I know you’ll play the guitar this well if you desire

If you are wondering what in the world is going on, so are we. We did as much of a study on the fires and social unrest as we could come up with time for. Here is an outline of what we found, and summation video. The video is at the end is about the best explanation of what we are experiencing that I can find. Follow the link below to see why the world is in turmoil.

Click the link to see our study of current events. This might even surprise George Soros.

Good evening and Good Night!

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