Chasing the Light into the Night

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Covid – 19 changed a lot of things. Most of us are wearing masks, Liberal hospitality places are shut down. Most State and National parks are off limits to RV camping. The Oregon parks we stay in were all shut until at least June. The government really wanted everything to freeze in motion. It has been difficult watching many businesses struggle and families wondering what is yet to come. Mike and Nikki invited us to stay with them in Sand Point, Idaho. They provided a the ultimate ray of sunshine in an otherwise darkened time for our country. We had to run to Oregon a couple times to help our customers with business that could not wait. Their friendship made them a great home base for this summer.

Summer came to an end and Athena had customer obligations in Oregon that we needed to be present for before our annual migration to the south. We had to say goodbye and aimed the helm for Florence where there was park ready and waiting with solid internet, and clear air.

The weather in Florence was nice, but the ocean was rather violent. The waves pushed people down right before our eyes, there was nothing we could do the help them. In the end it was fine, they were shaken, but safe. On the other side of the jetty were giant Jellies.

Athena had to put in a 180 TB NAS device for a customer while we were in Florence. We also learned through an unfortunate customer the value of security. I always thought security to be a financial risk. If your password is too light like not alphanumeric and punctuated, bad guys might not just steal data, but they might use your account to commit cyber crime. You will never know they did until the authorities show up and arrest you. Some Cyber crimes have a higher penalty than murder. Please protect or close any social media or other type of accounts you may have that your not using. For accounts you use, monitor them, and set good solid passwords.

An example of a good password might look like this: “(2Cows@rM0reFunTh@n1!)” Many people we know are still using “Password1” . Kind of reminds me of scene in “Space Balls The Movie” where the commanders brief case password is 123.

Well we find it time to hit the road again, this time our destination is Utah where we will get to see Steve and his family. We were sad that we had to skip them on the northern migration. Due to Covid-19, Utah was tracking everyone in and out of their state and how long we stayed. We were not rich enough to pay a campground for a month so we could quarantine for fourteen days then see Steve. So we waited for the Utahan Governments Covidiots to mellow out and act more like the surrounding states.

Fortunately Utah let us in on the way south.

We had a great time visiting. Can’t wait to come back, we have people, places and businesses to support.

We stopped and had dinner, slept a spell at Cedar City, and took a trip to Cedar Brakes. If you going to Bryce, I would recommend skipping Cedar Brakes, as Bryce is a whole lot more. The bloody park charges $10.00 a person, I am not sure what they charge for the dog. The only thing you see is this canyon. Bryce is way cool and cheaper too.

Our Next Stop is Fredonia, Arizona. This place is cool, the RV park is “Wheel in RV” is my kind of park. Has Power, Water, and Sewer and Cheap!!! $17.00 a night. Cheapest outside New Mexico that we know if. The Park is central to all the attractions.

We drove in to Grand Canyon North. Well worth the visit. In October 2020 they required a Mask even while driving, or they would not let you through the gates.

Zion, is a don’t miss. Check for Lottery information. You have to register in advance and get your name drawn to ride the bus in the canyon. We did not take the bus – we did better

Red Canyon on the way in here is worth slowing down for. Utah and Arizona own the best parks outside of Yosemite

Like all good things this too breaks. Our RV blew a drain line and a fresh line inside the track that keeps them organized in the slide -on the way in and on the way out. We think they were leaking well before we got the rig. Looks like the had been duct taped sealed, and the tape finally broke. Having full hookups was now useless as we had to shut all the water off. For now, we say let’s travel more.

We went to the Grand Canyon South Rim as our last stop before continuing on to Quartzsite. We had a pleasant surprise for me anyway. There was family to hang with at this stop. Way cool!

Finally arrive in Quartzsite about the first of November, Tired, RV broken, Customers wanting to get work done, and not enough power to run our equipment. The entire month and still here in December we are fixing things. Probably 20 trips to Home depot so far, four hours round trip, has been expensive and loads of fun. We go the solar fixed, found we had over spray on the panels. Athena scraped it off, and we added an additional 1300 watts bringing us to 1900 watts, enough to power 19 – 100 Watt incandescent light bulbs in full sun.

Last night we found that rats have been eating our vacuum tubes for the climate control. We ordered rat repellent, it should arrive by January. Our cat is useless, he runs away from mice the quarter of the size, the rat I saw was as big as a softball.

One ray of sunshine in all this, should the supply chain completely tumble we will not starve. There are Mice and Rats a plenty… We have no competition from the cat. I wont share if he does not hunt!

Good Evening and Good Night…

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