Twenty Twenty One

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Well here we are again traveling through time, being whisked into the future mostly against our will. Only a few can ever go back. I, for one, know that every time our calendar adds another year to the odometer, that I add one also. The fact that I choose to live my life in a non-linear fashion does not take any wear off no matter how old I try to be or not be. Just because I might be in a different date and time than you, mostly in protest of Chronos; wear on my person still occurs. Sometimes I reside in another place, or in a different part of history than those around me. Living in a somewhat parallel universe is probably the source of the pain and disability I am labeled with, it is hard on the human body to transfer from dimension to another, especially when it is involuntary.

Some say I am not quite human, but I really must protest, I got my college degree, so that makes me on par with humanity! Not that that is something to be coveted as of late. In fact it’s rather embarrassing to be lumped in with the millennial culture. Their man buns(even on the women), weed, and better than you attitude if you don’t shop at whole foods, drive an electric car, and shun all employment as working screws up the environment by making it warmer. Just so you know, I really hate the cold. Global warming is a feature, not an issue for me.

The youth and Goings on today of reminds me of being in the late 60’s where they protested to protest, few really cared. The loud music, counter culture violence, and even the crisis of how we viewed gender identity were the same as now. Then came wild inflation in the mid to late 70’s still protests, but more controlled . In the eighties, everyone just wanted to party, and anyone who did not, was out of their mind. All the old people thought America was done for and the young would destroy it. Mid eighties, a few abortion liberties and anti liberties clashed. Most people were focused on their careers and technology started changing the landscape.

All but a small portion of the young recovered from their various movements in the 70’s. The portion that did not, became school teacher, teaching kids about their duty to be activist. I remember those day of indoctrination. We were called Generation X and criticized for enjoying our creature comforts and not pushing for what our teachers once fondly Remembered as the good old days. The blood, sweat and tear gas ah the sweat smell they would say. I wish we would have done more history, reading, and writing and math. They figured we could always do that later. Our generation was a real disappointment to the teachers. We liked our Lexus, BMW’s, Tempurpedics, and large homes with automated climate control.

Like all things in history, times come and go and come and go. Activism is rampant today, and we will go through times of prosperity later on. Cultures never really change. I think most of our kids will grow up to be good, descent, hardworking humans, just as we all did in the past. As for me, I will set this one out traveling in our RV and watching Athena help companies use their computers to not just survive, but excel. She is my Eighty’s girl.

Our sink as we mentioned in the last article decided to leak, and it appears to have made this decision many years ago, but we just recently discovered the problem. So I had a new floor professionally installed by really knowledgeable and smoking hot installer. She took care of everything from start to finish.

Slide rotted through
Rip out old floor. for a new one
My Installer, aint she great?
Dang! she is hot. She can do projects for me all she wants
She does good work too
She got done just in time, and I mean “just” for Christmas. She looks good too.
We had company for Christmas. The boys are lots of fun.
Sophia came too. She is trying out the new dining room.
Sophia make cookies. She is learning to be a good grandma.
After presents we get a call from a friend. She said she visited las week, and has Covid this week. It was a very sad day, the kids went home. Our neighbor got really ill, her husband got crazy ill, and so did her friend who ended up being air lifted to the hospital from here. Another friend here in town lost her husband from Covid. Many of our friends got Covid, but were just ill. Athena’s grandma who is 99 has it now, but seems to be recovering. Athena and I have been ok. So far.
We had Christmas dinner alone, so we cooked some meat we found in Quartzsite
It turned out good. Well worth the $10
Storm came and stole the a/c cover

We covered the entire roof in solar panels. Threw away the dead A/C unit and satellite thing. Who needs in motion satellite? It is illegal to watch tv while driving. Watching TV makes you immoral and fat. That real estate became solar.

The map we made to accomplish our dirty deed.
When you vandalize someone, don’t leave your crap behind!
He ate all the vacuum hoses. Hope we don’t need them. I don’t know how to fix them with stuff from around Quartzsite
I don’t think that dirty little rat will be back. The cat brought this to us
We took a day off, and saw Holly. They played ping pong. Made me a b-day cake too.
Minor accident opening day of the RV show. Car exploded.
Cat tails
Thanks to those who served and who serve. Without you, there would be no U.S.
Enjoying my hot rod
Our New Smoker
My floor installer built us a smoker
She scores again. This is an awesome meal from scratch. Red kicks eat the best food
Looking for property to buy and park the RV on. They would not sell us Palm Canyon. They also refused to sell us Cabrillo national monument. All the best places have been take n by the government
Not all surprises are good ones
We bought us an instant house. Just add water. I am thinking it will be a while before we see the house.
What a month! Love these sunsets!

Have a good evening and a good night….

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