February Waiting to Close on Property Time with Kids

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We got to have Sophia and the boys for one weekend. They are all such a joy to have around. There is nothing more to say here, this image says it all.
Kids love dirt
Playing in the river
The Colorado River is the largest River These Kids Have Seen
Holly Came
Buckskin State Park
What were you doing the second week of February? This why we come to Arizona for the “Winter”
Do you know how to blur the background while keeping the subject clear. I slow the shutter speed, but goes white.
Kids and cats have a lot in common. They seek high places, Athena prevented my ascension
We took a walk in the park in Yuma. Was a late Birthday date
She shot me from the back and caught me napping
I had to leave for moment, I came back and caught her playing in the water. She says “I can neither confirm nor deny that allegation about playing in the water” I see however she standing in the water with her communicator turned on. She was late in here request to be beamed back on the bank. Honestly does it matter? She is buying me a steak dinner in about two hours. Everyone knows that steak is all men think about!
Tree Life

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