Move to New Property – April 2019

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Been busy lately. We closed on the new property March 10th, but could not get four hours clear to make the move until April 6th. Getting north to Sandpoint is going to be interesting this year. But for now lets move from Quartzsite to Yucca, Az.

Bought the swamp cooler from Amazon outlet for $50.00 it was trashed. Rewired it changed out some electronics. We are good to go

Weather is warming up in “Q”, snakes and scorpions are waking up too. Our cat likes to eat scorpions, with the price of beef, we are tempted by the snakes, but Leviticus speaks against it.

Pregnant hose
The radiator hose is soft and pregnant. It is under Athena’s desk. I am not flexible to get there and fix it. I have new one. Now Athena needs to work outside for a day, and find a diesel mechanic.
Solar is being prepped
We moved some panels, added some panels, now at 1900Watts on the roof. Just enough to power a toaster. We have another 700Watts on the ground. Now we can use the computers
Not leaving today
Can’t leave today
We have nothing to complain about
Almost to our new home. This is where Paul Bunyon Tees off
Our New Home
Made it in
Don Gutherie delivers water system
Don Gutherie Septic and Construction delivers our water system. He and his staff are really great to deal with. They know their stuff, and they are personable too,
Break time
Had to go to UPS twice this week to get my medical package, then Bull head city for a failed lab test, then to Las Vegas to get it done. The sunsets award our efforts
Grand kids
Grand Kids came up from Phoenix. They are helping out
Athena studies the washes. What can she use, what is in the way.
The turkeys here are huge. Thanksgiving is going to be a slam dunk this year,
Horny toad. Athena found it. I never saw one before
Found a tree we liked, we were $5000 short
Found a tree we liked, we were $5000 short
These tress are $10.00 so they came home with us
Athena tending the roses Kelcy gave us.
We will miss the Saguaros
When bad things happen to bad people we tend to get angry with God. Why me? Why did you let that person come into my like? Why that illness? Why me. Even Christ asked Why me when he hung on the Cross. It is normal when really bad things happen to cry why me? We have all experienced horrible things, or will at some point. We are all in this fallen world together. God did not promise peace on earth and good will toward men. The real question, is why not me? The action is to praise God and create new goals centered around serving God. It can always get worse, a bad day could actually be a good day. In all the problems I experience, I try to stay busy, help those who I can help, and know God has end game. Those who serve him will prevail in the end. Stay chip, and stay focused. Love everyone no matter how messed up you think they are. Tomorrow, they might be the sane one helping you.

Good evening and good night

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