Our Last Days 05-10-2021

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Pipe you assemble
Back hoe
Dig hole for vault
You put your money on there. We sunk $5,300 in there. With a little sun and water we hope or investment grows
The rains came
Septic approved – That is our address, kind of useless though. No one will accept it
Click the arrow to partake in the storm
Snakes that live here. Have to be careful, they bite if disturbed
Vacation time
God's gift
She keeps Holly Busy. Smart and honoree
Cactus going into flower mode
More vacation
Our money sprouted, the whole dessert is the color of money – now that’s a garden
Break time
over 100 degrees too often, we have no a.c. We are fixen’ to go north when we are done fixing everything. Our rig is getting old and like us demands attention.

Have a good evening and a good night… Be sure and change your oil, so you will age better than me.

  1. Dad

    Storm video did not work. We’re you trying to get a selfie with the 🐍

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