June 10th 2021 – We go North to Sandpoint, ID

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Prepping to leave Arizona. I got a new Camera Phone. Tested it out on my favorite subject while waiting for Supper at Five Guys
Athena took a shot at me
Our House on our street
Athena Planted a rose bush – I lit it up
Athena did the moon shot from a Joshua Tree
She enjoyed a starry night from a Joshua Tree
On our way to Steve’s house in Utah. We needed a place to sleep. This road was wide and smooth, but the spots to camp were taken. We had to remove the car and do a six point turn to get back on the freeway. We found a truck stop up the road a few hours, and slept there.
We found a white house with a lot of charm. We wanted to place an offer on it, but missed our exit.
Finally we get to Steve’s house. He made us supper, Athena worked
Athena works a lot
View from our site by Steve
When Athena is not working, she is photographing the moon, where there are no phones
We arrive at Village of the Trees in Delco Idaho
The Green is really green here
Snake River
End of time here, so we move on
Arrive in Baker Oregon. Communistic practices of Oregon cause us to go hungry. Restaurants all closed.
Arrive in Richland Oregon
Go See Paul at Maureen’s for Potluck. No commies here, just good food
See Paul
On The Road Again – Approaching the Blue Mountains
Stuck in a rest area rebuilding the master database for a SQL server
Arrive at Mikes House
Nice lake
Big Arc noise – Smell Smoke – Athena investigates
Turns out power cord on water heater broke loose. – Athena handed me the water heater, I re-wired it
Girls play with boats
We take a half a day off for our 28th Anniversary – Go to park in post falls
My Favorite subject
Spill way from dam
Spokane Bridge – I fell over when taking this picture made me ill all week. So enjoy the picture, it was a shot of peril
Found Ruins in Post Falls
Marina Park
Time flies
My Favorite subject again
On the docks
I head out to sea. – The water was rough. Athena got motion sick. I could not tell the difference
I want the little boat on the left. Hoping to trade the RV. Seems fair.
Our data end here at the gate.
Meanwhile back home in Arizona – Someone gave us some bull!

Well you just squandered 150MB of your data plan, looking at the Rollingshoebox month in review with Darin and Athena. We had a great visit with Steve, Mindie and the crew, hoping to see them more next time. Paul was in good spirits, hope to see him again on this side of the Pearly gates, time will tell. Work has been busier than we have ever seen it, both for Athena, and for Mike. So far, only supper time has been available for down time. Hanging out with them is nice in spite of the clock.

Have a good evening and a good night

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