is a diary of a family rolling around the United States in their RV, we have been online since 2010. We were a family of four lived full time usually snow birding  from the North West to the South West, but break the pattern from time to time. Now we are family of three, Darin, Athena, and our daughter Sarah. Our oldest daughter is now married and settled down. Transitioning a Teen to adulthood while on the road is neither inexpensive nor easy.  On this site you find family interations and issues,  the normal record of the places we see, and we give RVing tips as we learn them (Usually the hard way).  We maintain, we like to share what we know about the parks, and use it for a reference before visiting a park so that we know what we need to have on hand.  The tips and opinions we share are opinions, some times we are right, and sometimes we are wrong, but they worked for us at the time. We can make no promises as to what results you get, and make no promises, and cannot be liable for the differences in your experience. Please enjoy the site, there is a lot of good information here. We ask that you white list our site in your ad blocker, it costs you nothing more to buy from one of our links, and it might provide us with enough money to keep the site online. With all of the SEO requirements from google, the malware and hacking going on, our monthly expenses are becoming more than a hobby can afford. Athena is our bread winner, she makes her money doing computer consulting remotely for small businesses (Small Biz PC). Rolling shoe box is just a fun little hobby that we use to share the United States with you.