The screaming summer

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This summer is screaming by. Athena has been working hard and long. We have been dragging each other out of bed each day. She is putting together new and really cool offerings for her business. Business is coming in from … Continued

Coming to Oregon 2018

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                    Genesis 44 – Joseph takes another swing at bat Read Genesis from the beginning Good Evening and Good Night …

The Meaning of Easter

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Easter is a special day to many cultural groups from pagans to Christians. We are going to talk about the meaning of Easter from a Christian perspective. Not everyone will agree with our idea of the meaning of Easter, even … Continued

Las Vegas Last Days 2018

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It’s been an entertaining few weeks here in Las Vegas Thousand Trails. We have spent most of our time in the RV. Most of our outings amounted to quick walks around the rv park to get some air, and a … Continued

Life in the Desert

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We are done with the Southern part of the South West Desert for another year, at least we hope. Sarah and I have compiled our nature photos into a little slide show. Enjoy —   We are doing a soft … Continued

Laughlin, Nevada

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March 8th, 2018 we departed The La Posa LTVA where we have been Boondocking, or Dry camping, since Mid October 2017. Previous blogs cover the how, and the why. We are now headed for the Western Oregon coast. With a … Continued