Move to New Property – April 2019

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Been busy lately. We closed on the new property March 10th, but could not get four hours clear to make the move until April 6th. Getting north to Sandpoint is going to be interesting this year. But for now lets … Continued

Covid-19 Quarantine Our Way

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Links are just to help you fell better about those who represent you Have a good evening and a good night…

Fire Sale -2020

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So what is a fire sale, well -let’s take a look! Now the Feds issue a Virus Alert! Lastly, in the fire sale you keep everyone scared and sheltered in place with promise that help is on its way. Like … Continued

On to Las Vegas 3/22/2016

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Athena’s surgery seems to have gone well, six weeks have passed and the Dr. is ready to subject her to part two of her treatment. She is still having Sciatic pain, but we have to wait three months to know … Continued