Covid-19 Quarantine Our Way

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Links are just to help you fell better about those who represent you Have a good evening and a good night…

Tour De Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Nevada Part Two May 2016 It Seems to rain a lot here for a desert The fashion show mall on the strip in Las Vegas is a really up scale mall, until you compare it to the Venetian … Continued

Circus Circus

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After a few days of wet weather we realize we have gone stir crazy, and cabin fever is setting in. To rectify this we grab the neighbor family and take the kids to Circus Circus! It is a great place … Continued

On to Las Vegas 3/22/2016

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Athena’s surgery seems to have gone well, six weeks have passed and the Dr. is ready to subject her to part two of her treatment. She is still having Sciatic pain, but we have to wait three months to know … Continued

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

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// Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada | Rolling Shoe Box // We drive in from Boulder Station at the corner of Boulder Drive and 515 freeway up I-15 for 44 miles, then another 18 miles on the secondary road … Continued

Destination M&M World, Las Vegas Nevada

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April, 16, 2013 In search of  M&M World, Las Vegas Nevada | Rolling Shoe Box, April 16, 2013// < ![CDATA[ // If matrimony does not do it for you can always jump off the Stratosphere, providing you have enough cash.. One trip to … Continued