We love lava

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Today, we showed our friends lava for the first time, in Newberry Crater south of Bend, Oregon. It was fun to show a family things that are new to them. The kids keep picking up the the rocks and saying … Continued

My House is abandoned – July 28, 2010

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posted Jul 28, 2010 10:05 PM by Athena Pantekoek Richland is a an experience that is hard to describe, living here years ago, and knowing most everyone to coming back and knowing only Paul and Maureen is strange. Now there … Continued

Richland, Or – July 27, 2010

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Another long day of driving, I had Athena take us to Richland via Forrest Service Route 39 from Joseph to Halfway, but as we headed up the mountain, we found the road had been washed out, with only one way … Continued