The Meaning of Easter

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Easter is a special day to many cultural groups from pagans to Christians. We are going to talk about the meaning of Easter from a Christian perspective. Not everyone will agree with our idea of the meaning of Easter, even … Continued


Weather and Solar

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Battery Condition Based on Voltage, Solar in is the Panel output by Percentage of the Solar array’s Rated Maximum.      

Sophia’s First Christmas

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Quartzsite     Phoenix Not too many things draw us back into suburbia, but for a few hours on Christmas day we joined family and friends in dinner and around the tree for a fine Christmas day.   Thank you, … Continued

November 2017

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Going to Holly and John’s house we see this nuclear power plant, it is usually covered in steam. For some reason, the magic veil of steam vanished, and we could see what resides here. It is funny to see nuclear … Continued