Celebrate Ron’s Birthday using Sarah as his Proxy

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// March 2, 2011 – We Celebrate Ron’s Birthday using Sarah as his Proxy – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

Sarah starts out by pulling all the ingredients for a cake out of the cupboard, Holly mixes up the cake, Athena bakes it and hoses out the kitchen after words. Sarah placed the candles in, I got the honor of lighting the cake, and calling Ron. The Kids Yell “Happy Birthday PAPA” ! but we don’t think the answering machine beeped. So Sarah blew out his candles as his proxy, and we quickly devoured his wax laden cake. Sorry there are no pictures of the party and cake, as I lost them while moving them from the camera to the PC. Now the three young ladies who live with are none to pleased with my technical expertise. Happy birthday anyway!

Good Evening and Good Night….

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