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AreWebackinOregon5170 // December 12, 2010 – Travel to Disney World – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

Rain and wind as we pass through Tampa, supposed to be 36 here tonight. Who brought the Oregon weather down here for us? Even have some trees turning to the fall colors in the background. Was a long day after we drove up here, we had to take me to the Dr. to look in my ear. I have an ear infection for some reason, so now 6 hours and $500 later, I get to put antibiotic drops in it. I had been treating it with Hydrogen Peroxide, but to no avail, and for some reason the doc was not impressed with my home remedy. New instruction is to not let my ear get wet for a week. Might have to get a dumb looking cap that covers the ears. Sarah would agree, it should be an orange vinyl base ball cap with black flaps to cover the ears. I am sure I would be the Jewel of Disney World. We have an interesting neighbor here, he/she has enough of a Christmas display to be seen from the space station. Had no idea one could fit so much lit up stuff in and round a fifth wheel. Wonder what they do with it after Christmas. Well I am tired and boring, Athena is serving supper soon. So…

Good Evening and Good Night…


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